Porcelain Paving Direct – Why is porcelain so popular these days?

The increasing popularity of porcelain paving has been noticeable lately, with more and more homeowners opting for this over other forms of garden flooring.

What’s behind the increase? And how does it compare to other materials?

The aesthetic choice

It’s simple to have matching porcelain tiles or slabs when you are manufacturing them. However, this is extremely difficult for materials like natural stone, for instance. Porcelain Paving Direct can achieve the consistent look you’re after.

Similarly, if you want to avoid fading, porcelain might be the best choice. This is because environmental factors play a part in the appearance of natural stones, making them look faded and less vibrant. A sealant might help solve this problem with stone but it’s something you needn’t have to consider with porcelain, thankfully.

If you’re partial to a glass of red wine on the patio but worry about what a spill may result in aesthetically, worry no more. The texture and lack of absorbency mean you can wipe away the spillage with no trouble. This is also extremely helpful if you have children or pets creating a mess.

Surface details 

Now that you know the appearance of your porcelain will remain intact, your next thought might be on the feel of it and whether it’s safe to walk on. Let us assure you that our porcelain has been given a slight texture so that slipping is unlikely and the weather won’t play a part in the safety of anybody travelling across the porcelain.

Another consideration is the growth of algae or mossy substances between or on your porcelain. Thanks to the fact that porcelain absorbs next to no water, however, you should encounter none of these unwanted elements on your flooring.

Metal can also experience a lot of scratches but because of vitrification, you won’t necessarily see the same problems occur for porcelain. Your Porcelain Pavings Direct consultant can inform you of what vitrifying porcelain involves and why it offers strong protection. 

While concrete or granite might be the more traditional choices, you can experience the beauty and strength of porcelain for yourself. Contact Porcelain Paving Direct today. 

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