How to Promote Your Startup Online In 2020 

SEO strategies are constantly changing and what worked two years ago may not deliver the same results today. However, the core goals remain constant—if you want to make your startup visible in search engines, you need to work a ton on implementing the most crucial SEO techniques. In this article, we will cover the 5 best search engine optimization strategies to promote your startup online in 2020.

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1. Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

Having a website is crucial for any business but it became even more important after the effects of COVID-19 epidemic. If you don’t have an online presence, how will your potential buyers know about your business? Moreover, on July 1, 2019, Google introduced the mobile-first indexing priority. It means that your website should load fast on smartphones as well as to be user-friendly and fully optimized for using on mobile devices.

2. Develop a Mobile App

There are many reasons why you may need a mobile app for your business. People spend a lot of time with their smartphones trying to find solutions for almost all their needs online: delivery services, ecommerce, digital healthcare, entertainment, etc.

If you put all your effort in promoting your website only, you will lose a large part of your potential target audience that search for solutions on the App Store and Google Play directly. That is why, it is recommended to cover all marketplaces and develop a mobile app no matter what niche your business belongs to. This mobile app marketing guide covers the best tips on how to promote your app to put it into the spotlight on the market.

3. Sign Up For Local Directories and Catalogs

Most people look for services located close to their place, especially if you provide physical services or sell goods offline. They will not go for another city to visit a barbershop or to buy plants. In order to rank higher than your local competitors, you need to strengthen your presence in local catalogues and directories as part of the local search engine optimization.

4. Start a Link-Building Campaign

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The more websites link to your site, the more domain authority you will gain and, as a result, will rank higher in search engines. For example, if you own a language learning app, you need to get as many referring links from education websites as possible. You can sign up for relevant forums, Q&A platforms, social media sites, etc. to gather links to your site.

5. Reach Out To Journalists

Search for journalists who write in your field and may be interested in writing about your startup. You may search for them on Google and look for their contact information on social media profiles or using a contact searching tool. Once you’ve combined a PR list, prepare your media kit with the most important information about your startup with graphics and pitch the PR list. The more journalists will be interested in covering your story, the more high-quality links you will get to your website.

6. Develop a Content Management Plan

It is crucial for all your SEO efforts that you develop engaging and high-quality content on your website. Think about the topics that might be interesting for your potential clients and write a professional piece of content with your expert point of view.

However, don’t forget to include keywords you want to rank for in search engines. You don’t want to write texts that nobody will find on Google, right? Look for the search queries to find out what topics are the most popular for your target audience and make sure to use them in your blog posts.

Final Thoughts

It might be really hard to get your startup to stand out from the competition. However, if you implement the SEO techniques mentioned above, you will definitely increase your chances of ranking higher than your competitors and getting all the traffic juice.

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