Quicken Simplifi vs Mint: Is It A Worthy Replacement? 

The upcoming shutdown of Mint in 2024 has left its 25 million users seeking new budgeting tools. Mint, acquired by Intuit in 2009, has been a go-to app for managing budgets, tracking expenses, and setting financial goals. With Mint’s closure, Intuit suggests Credit Karma as an alternative, but users have a variety of other options to consider.

This shift has ignited interest in the Quicken Simplifi vs Mint debate, as individuals explore the best solutions for their Mint replacements. Both platforms are known for their plethora of features in account management and budgeting. 

As users evaluate their choices for a Mint replacement, it’s important to delve into the specifics of what Simplifi and Mint offer. My analysis aims to shed light on if Quicken Simplifi is the Mint replacement that is right for you. 

What is Quicken Simplifi?

Simplifi by Quicken is a modern financial management tool brought to you by a company that’s been a leader in the finance software world for around thirty years. As one of Quicken’s newest offerings, Simplifi doesn’t fall short of expectations.

This app is designed to help you monitor your finances and achieve your financial objectives. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, and web browsers, ensuring that all its features are accessible whether you’re on the move or at your desk.

Despite being relatively new to the scene, Simplifi has quickly established its reliability, much of which can be attributed to its Quicken roots. Known for its credibility in financial tracking, Quicken’s experience has made Simplifi a trustworthy choice in a sea of emerging financial apps, providing a comprehensive and streamlined platform for managing your finances across multiple accounts and platforms.

Quicken Simplifi vs Mint: Features Comparison

When it comes to managing personal finances, both Simplifi by Quicken and Mint offer unique features to help users stay on top of their spending, savings, and investments. Here’s a detailed comparison based on various factors:

Budgeting Tools:

Simplifi provides a more flexible and personalized approach to budgeting, adapting to users’ spending habits and financial goals, making it ideal for those seeking a customized budgeting experience. Mint, however, opts for a traditional approach, allowing users to categorize spending and set limits, which might require more time to set up and maintain.

Security Measures:

Both apps prioritize security with features like multi-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption. Simplifi, however, steps up with additional advanced security options, setting a slightly higher standard for users particularly concerned about financial data safety.

Spending and Expenses Tracking:

Simplifi shines with its ability to forecast future expenses and provide detailed tracking across various categories. This anticipatory approach helps users plan their budgets more effectively. Mint, while offering robust expense tracking, specializes in categorizing business-related spending but doesn’t forecast expenses to the same extent as Simplifi.


Simplifi excels in offering comprehensive reporting features, especially beneficial for gig workers or those with fluctuating incomes, by providing detailed insights into income and spending trends. Mint counters with customizable reports on spending, income, and net worth, offering valuable insights, particularly with its Trends feature that tracks financial evolution over time.

Unique Simplifi Features:

Simplifi stands out by offering an all-in-one view of finances, simplifying savings goals, automated spending plans, personalized reports, investment tracking, customizable transactions, alerts for unusual activity, and projected cash flows. It also celebrates user milestones and offers custom watchlists for a more relaxed budgeting approach.

Unique Mint Features:

Mint’s strengths lie in its bill pay tracker, offering alerts for due payments and fee detections, alongside a robust budgeting system with spending limit notifications. It provides free credit reporting to keep users informed about their credit status, comprehensive account alerts, and investment account tracking, enabling a comprehensive financial overview.

Quicken Simplifi vs Mint: Pricing

When it comes to pricing, it is impossible to beat Mint’s free pricing model. But since Mint is no longer available, it will be a better exercise to compare Simplifi to other possible Mint replacements. 

Quicken Simplifi is an affordable alternative, priced at $2.99 if billed annually or $3.99 if billed monthly. This is a value, when compared to Monarch Money and YNAB which are both priced at $14.99 a month or $99.99 a year. 


Quicken Simplifi shines with its unique features, like personalized budgeting, top-notch security, and effective spending tracking. Its user-friendly approach, coupled with detailed insights, makes managing finances simpler and more intuitive. All these factors make it a solid choice for those transitioning from Mint. If you’re after a tool that aligns with your financial journey and doesn’t break the bank, Simplifi might just be what you’re looking for.

Considering a switch or curious about what Simplifi has to offer? Click Here to dive into Quicken Simplifi and see how it can streamline your financial life.