Tips To Regain Your Sex Drive

Do you want more excitement in your life? Is your current libido level holding you back from enjoying your life to the fullest? Don’t worry, there are many ways to reverse this and get your libido levels back on track.

Let’s look at the ways to give your libido levels the push it desperately needs:

1. Reduce your anxiety levels

Are you stressed all the time? It could be the reason behind your low libido levels. The source of your anxiety could be either stress or a sex-related issue.

If you are someone whose work schedule is hectic or are exposed to stressful and exhausting situations then fatigue might set in and reduce your libido.

In fact, studies have shown that anxiety and stress are the chief causes of erectile dysfunction in men.

There are many things you can do to reduce your anxiety levels:

• Make time for your hobbies
• Eat healthily
• Take up yoga
• Ensure you sleep soundly
• Speak with a mental health therapist

2. Strengthen your relationships

Many couples experience a slump in their relationships – especially after they have been with the other person for a long time.

If this is the case, then taking steps to improve your relationship should be your first priority.

Here are some ways in which you can boost your relationships:

• Participate in activities together
• Go out on dates
• Set aside a few minutes each day for quality time with each other

3. Sleep well

If you are sleep deficient then your overall mood and energy levels will naturally be low – both play a key role in enhancing libido levels.

A study conducted in 2015 concluded that sound sleep the night before increases libido levels on the following day. Moreover, women who slept soundly always reported better arousal compared to those with erratic sleep.

4. Foreplay is king

It is said that foreplay doesn’t receive enough attention. In fact, foreplay plays an important role in improving sexual experience. And once your experience of sex improves, naturally your libido level will also be on an upswing.

So what does foreplay refer to? Foreplay in the general sense refers to kissing, touching or oral sex. Generally, these things precede sexual intercourse. Women, in particular, find foreplay to be very important in sexual intercourse. In fact, statistics show that around 33.6 % women need stimulation of the clitoris to orgasm.

For couples wanting to maximise the intensity of the experience, they can consider kinks such as chastity where you can draw on the sexual build up over the course of a day or more.

5. Don’t compromise on your diet

What happens if your diet is not wholesome and healthy? The blood circulation in your body and the health of your heart takes a beating. You need your heart to be in peak form and your blood circulation efficient for your libido level to be high. For that to happen, you need to eat foods like whole grains, lean meat, fruits and vegetables.

Your sugar and salt intake should be kept at a minimum. Similarly, you need to stay away from deep-fried foods and processed foods. Also, ensure that you eat your meals on time. If you are deficient in nutrients that increase libido, you can take sexual wellness products to make up for the shortfall.

6. Don’t forget to exercise daily

You can hit the gym, go for a run or simply play sports on a daily basis to keep yourself fit. A moderate to an intense exercise routine will cause your body to release endorphins in the body – the feel-good hormones that instantly lift your mood.

Moreover, endurance-based exercises like running and swimming can increase your stamina – high stamina levels are great for enhanced sexual experiences.

7. Lower your body weight

Many researchers have attributed low sex drive to obesity. One of the reasons why obesity affects your libido levels is because of the physical aspects of obesity – being overweight can make sexual gratification a taxing affair. The other reason for obesity affecting libido is a mental one, for example – it can cause body image issues.

A good diet and a regular workout routine can help you keep your body weight in check.

8. Ditch smoking

Do you smoke? If you do then it’s high time you quit. Smoking affects your cardiovascular system – if your heart is not healthy then your sexual function will not be at its peak.

It has been observed that people who quit smoking notice an improvement in their energy levels and their sex drive.

9. Aphrodisiacs can help

Aphrodisiacs are herbs or foods that enhance mood and your sex drive. When you consume these natural substances then there are two ways in which they impact you – they stimulate nerve endings in your genitals or they increase nitric oxide level in the body to enhance blood flow to the genitals.

A few well-known aphrodisiacs are Indian Ginseng (Ashwagandha), Shilajit and Gingko. There are many sexual wellness products that contain these herbs. Take them to increase your libido levels.


Ensure that you follow these tips consistently for active and healthy sex life.