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If you are looking for a comprehensive guide regarding eClinicalWorks EMR software, we have got you covered. We plan on leaving no leaf unturned by showering light on all aspects of this vendor. For this, the expert team of SoftwareFinder, worked tirelessly to discover valuable insights about this healthcare solution. In this fine piece by SoftwareFinder, we are going to share a review of eClinicalWorks EMR Software, what we gathered from various credible resources. The points we’ll cover are:

  • What is eClinicalWorks?
  • How eClinicalWorks benefits medical practices?
  • A thorough overview of the vendor’s features
  • What do users say about its services?
  • The pricing structure of ecw EMR

What is eClinicalWorks Software?

The name of this popular software is enough to let people know what it is. It is a cloud-based solution serving providers nationwide to let them work in peace. The software is geared towards automating clinical procedures for enhancing clinical efficiency. Ecw EMR fits all business types from small to large scale without any distinction. But most of its customer base revolves around medium-sized practices. 

Being a reliable solution, it understands that practices refrain from investing in EMR systems that go for the one-size-fits-all category. And thus, it is designed on an intuitive clinical model deliberately focusing on significant aspects providers reflect upon. For instance, it considers the major specialties, the skill set of medical professionals, and their budget range to draft impactful business packages and strategies, leaving behind the traditional approach. 

In this regard, even our researchers conducted definitive research about this software’s programs. While conducting the research, they explicitly focused on the vendor’s feature range and capabilities like customer support, etc. This is to give you a transparent inside look of eClinicalWorks EMR software. It helps understand the true caliber of an EMR solution under all functional needs and requirements. With that said, let’s jump to the central part. If you want to Get a Free Demo of eClinicalWorks EMR Software. Visit Software Finder Website.

How eClinicalWorks Benefit Medical Practice?

It’s the first question that comes to the mind of care providers while searching for health record solutions. So naturally, they want to invest in a system that can generate handsome returns to make up for their investment. And hopefully, you are also looking for one such solution. The prime reason for choosing eClinicalWorks software is its excellent functionalities. The vendor truly understands the needs of patients and providers, transforming them into electronic services. 

Our eClinicalWorks review illustrated this platform boosts the efficiency of medical practices. It allows practitioners to sit back and relax instead of having them worry about the financial strain. With its affordable pricing scale, this health care system enables care providers to deliver optimal care to patients without upsetting their budgets. What’s more, it can reduce the pressure on staff by facilitating them with automated tools and services. 

Another worth mentioning thing here is its integrated structure which assures the seamless flow of patient information. Also, it helps with managing patient flow in waiting rooms with digitized check-in services. Providers also benefit from its instant data accessibility across the healthcare community. Sharing data within and outside the care organization is a piece of cake using ecw EMR leaving all location barriers aside. 

eClinicalWorks Ranking Among EMR Vendors

It is the highest performing ambulatory care product that won 6 KLAS awards in the past few years. In its struggle to spread the business, the software lost its actual worth for some time, but now it again stepped on the road to success. This best-in-class EMR product is known best for health information exchange services and appointment scheduling features. Among the list of 500 fastest-growing private US companies, eClinicalWorks EMR software is ranked 34 

The vendor is accomplishing its goals faster than ever and is gaining wide popularity among healthcare organizations. While reviewing the system, we came across its revenue cycle services that assure a 99% claim rate. ecw EMR is a leader of the EMR market, and its untiring efforts for simplifying clinical processes enable it to score an untarnished position in the leaderboard. Its implementation support services are also an outstanding achievement. 

Overview of eClinicalWorks Features


Third-party integration is the prime factor this solution is famous for. ecw EMR integrates with numerous healthcare organizations and even incorporates the inside aspects of clinics. When coupled with interoperability service, this integration works wonders for care professionals. It offers them a chance to provide better care by getting access to real-time data insights and consulting with specialists and pharmacies etc. 

Patient Portal:

eClinicalWorks EMR software is inclined at making healthcare convenient for all patients. In this regard, the vendor comes forth with an all-inclusive patient portal. It gives patients access to a comprehensive platform where they can view all their medical records. Moreover, patients can not only view the existing medical records but all previous records too. Also, they can benefit from the patient education resources and communicate with their doctors using the patient portal. 

Population Health:

It is an innovative functionality that enables practitioners to gain valuable data using a standard population database. This vendor has compiled adequate population data nationwide, making it easier to run tests. Providers can conduct tests according to a specific patient type to get their hands on credible insights. The AI interface and business technology tools of this software make the process even more effective.  

Document Processing: 

Managing documents is a breeze with this robust EMR system. Now physicians can actively participate in patient encounters without having to break the rhythm for jotting down essential notes. eClinicalWorks software voice recognition tool simplifies the data entry tasks by penning down everything the physician says. This reduces the chance of missing out on any crucial information piece. Besides this, the software updates all patient files to keep them updated.

Claims Management:

It is also the requirement of all medical practices regardless of their practiced specialty. However, running a streamlined practice is not feasible without maintaining financial stability. And claims play a crucial part in this category. e Clinical EMR helps with claims management in and out. Filing, scrubbing, processing, editing, proof-checking, and submitting claims all these tasks are all dealt with care to ensure accuracy. Insurance eligibility tests are performed the first time a patient visits a clinic to prevent any misconception, and this results in a 99.9% first-pass claim rate.  

The Pricing Structure of ecw EMR:

Just knowing the overview, features, and benefits of any EMR platform is not enough. Even if software features remarkable and breath-taking functionalities, you have to consider what it costs for them. As for ClinicalWoks software, it provides all users with two pricing plans, and both offer monthly subscribing options. These pricing plans provide free training and implementation services and come with an accessible data conversion option. 

Here lies the details of the pricing packages of e Clinical EMR. 

EHR: The EHR-only plan of eClinicalWorks software is priced at $499/ month/ clinician. 



Meaningful Use Dashboard

eBO view

Registry reporting

Referral management

Disaster recovery/nimbus

24/7 support

Ongoing maintenance

Unlimited free videos/webinars

Practice Management: It incorporates practice management features along with EHR-only features and charges only $599/month/ clinicians. Besides EHR-only services, it offers:

Practice Management

Billing implementation services

Reviews of eClinicalWorks:

Reviews play a vital role in deciding on the reliability of EMR solutions. They illustrate how the vendor is for real by highlighting its hidden functionalities and capabilities. Keeping this in mind, our skilled team examined the reviews of this health records solution. It is to guide you better about this solution and its working. So, here’s what we discovered while exploring eClinicalWorks reviews: 

User Satisfaction:

e Clinical EMR is surrounded by a positive outlook by its existing users. Providers are pretty satisfied with its services, and thus, they refer it to other providers too. On top of that, the physicians claim that ecw EMR boosts the relationship with patients leading to more satisfied and happier patients. And these happy clients result in more clinical revenue with a solid customer base. All in all, the software enjoys around 76% satisfactory rating. 

Customer Support:

Providers have many good things to say about the vendor’s support services. This healthcare solution improves the level of care provided with tireless support backing the provided. eClinicalWorks review reveals that it features an intuitive and robust support desk. With the support team ready to assist users, this solution offers exceptional and timely support to all clients. In addition, it leaves no room for misinterpretation while dealing with client queries. 

eClinicalWorks For Clinical Efficiency:

We shared informative insights by gathering information from every resource we could, from the e Clinical EMR’s official website to its reviews and other articles. All these guides preach one thing about the solution, and that is it improves clinical efficiency. Even you can even deduct this element by reading this Software Finder guide. Enhancing clinical efficiency and effectiveness is not a big deal with its innovative services. 

It is because eClinicalWorks software integrates with Rose Visionary, IntelliDose, and Chadis System. All these integrations serve as a way to improve patient care and many other clinical services. Get a free demo of eClinicalWorks EMR and take a dive into its inside functionalities. This free demo of eClinicalWorks EMR will allow us to look at the vendor from a whole new perspective and you will get to know it better. 

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