Robotic chef could well leave top professionals out of a job

A new robotic chef has been created which can cook Michelin star food right in your kitchen just by receiving recipes from an online store. The robot forms part of a fully-automated kitchen which will be available for purchase in two years’ time. Professional chefs beware – this machine could put you out of a job.

Moley Robotics, a company created by London-based computer scientist, robotics and healthcare innovator Mark Oleynik, claims to have created the world’s first robotic kitchen.

The beautifully designed, amazingly dexterous robot, cooks with the skill and flair of a master chef, says Mr. Oleynik. It will turn your boil-an-egg kitchen into a professional-grade one.

Robotic Chef

The robot can be set in motion remotely, just by using your smartphone. (Image: Moley Robotics)

Moley Robotics says a consumer version will be on the market in 2017, and will be supported by an iTunes-style library of recipes that can be downloaded and created by the robot.

Robot is part of a fully-automated kitchen

The prototype is being demonstrated this week at the Hannover Messe, the world’s biggest industrial fair (Hall 17 Stand E84).


It is the result of two years development and collaboration from scientists from several countries, including Sebastian Conran who designed the cooking utensils, and Mauro Izzo and the Yachtline company who created the spectacular kitchen furniture.

The robot’s complex, fully articulated hands were made by the London-based Shadow Robot company. Shadow’s products are used by several customers globally, including NASA.

The robot’s hands can easily mimic the movements of human hands, and underpin the unique capability of the Automated Kitchen.

According to Moley Robotics:

“The Moley Robotics system does not cook like a machine – it captures human skills in motion. Tim Anderson, culinary innovator and winner of the prestigious BBC Master Chef competition (2011), played an integral role in the kitchen’s development, cooking specially created dishes in a motion-capture studio.”

“Every motion, nuance and flourish was recorded in 3D – then translated into elegant digital movement.”

The Consumer Product

Acccording to Moley, the automated kitchen will be sophisticated yet compact, and will feature a dishwasher and refrigerator to complement a professional-grade hob and oven. You can control it either by using a built-in touch screen or remotely with a smartphone app.

When not being used, the robotic arms retract from view, so that humans who enjoy cooking can take over.

“When running in automated mode, built-in glass screens glide across the working area, making the kitchen 100% safe to operate around children, pets or with even with no one at home,” says the company.

Later versions will also have capture cameras so home cooks can record themselves on 3D.

Digital Recipe Library

The digital library contains more than 2,000 dishes, plus an app which allows users to get inspiration, find a meal and activate the system from anywhere.

Moley Robotics said:

“3D recipe recording will open up an exciting new world for celebrity chefs and home cooks alike.”

“Professionals will be able to present their creations to a huge new audience, in the knowledge that dishes are being perfectly prepared, every time.”

“Home cooks will be able to share their creativity too and even generate revenue from the sale of recipe downloads.”

Video – Robotic Chef