Top Ways You Save Money When Switching to LED Lighting

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When it comes to saving money on energy costs, lighting plays a huge role. Many homes, commercial buildings, garages, stadiums, and construction sites spend most of the time with their lights on. To significantly reduce the impact of those costs on your bottom line, you should invest in smart, low-maintenance, high-efficiency LED lighting today. Here are a few of the many ways LED lighting can save you money immediately.

  1. Substantially Decrease Maintenance Fees

If you’re using an outdated incandescent light bulb, you might get 1,000 hours of life out of it. Switching to fluorescent lights can bump that up to around 10,000 hours. Think that’s impressive? LED lights are rated for 60,000 – 100,000 hours, a massive increase compared to the competition. That means you’ll need to replace your incandescent 100 times and your fluorescents up to 10 times before you would ever need to consider a new LED bulb.

The LED’s long-life means you’ll spend significantly less on maintenance to replace hard-to-reach bulbs. Over the years, you’ll spend less and less on replacement bulbs as well. These savings make LED lighting an incredible investment that can pay itself off in a short time.

  1. Energy Efficiency Means Cost Savings

The bottom line in any business is to save money while increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. LED lighting does just that by providing bright, glare-free light at a low cost. Standard lights use up to 80% more energy than LEDs, so you’ll see instant, drastic savings on your energy bill of up to 80%.

Plus, LEDs have efficient features. Unlike fluorescents, an LED light reaches maximum brightness as soon as it is turned on, saving you time and money. Other lighting options also lose valuable life from rapid cycling. Their short lifespan decreases when they’re frequently turned on and off. Superior LED lights can be turned on and off without impacting longevity.

  1. Federal and State Incentives Make Switching Worthwhile

LED lighting is an investment that will pay off over a short period. However, many federal and state incentives will make that investment pay off immediately. These rebates are generally offered to commercial properties, but some residential properties may be eligible as well. State incentives are often granted directly from the power company. Federal incentives come from different tax credits and rebates as well as the Department of Energy.

  1. An Eco-Friendly Image

If you could save money while also protecting the environment and attracting more customers, would you? Not only is LED lighting a better product, but the decrease in energy use and bulb replacements can make a huge impact on the environment. The Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Design (LEED) provides an eco-friendly certification that you can proudly share with customers and partners.