Say Goodbye to Dirty Floors! 6 Expert Techniques for Commercial Property Maintenance                                                                                                                 

As the owner of a commercial property, you need to ensure that your business is always clean.  Brick-and-mortar businesses rely heavily on foot traffic. If your store’s interior is not clean (and does not look professional) then nobody is going to want to come inside it. People not coming into your business means you won’t be able to generate income.

This post will explore this topic in more detail and tell you how you can say goodbye to dirty floors once and for all, offering six expert techniques for commercial property maintenance.

1. Cleaning Supplies

Upon deciding to clean their businesses, most people’s first instinct is to hire professional help. In truth, professional help is not necessary. You can easily clean your own business. Cleaning it yourself will save you money and stop you from needing to hire anybody. The team from Australian supplier Abco make clear on their site that cleaning supplies don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you are planning on buying supplies, try to avoid harsh ones.

2. Hiring Support

In the previous section, professional support was alluded to. You do not necessarily need to hire professional support unless you really need to. If you are planning on hiring support then make sure that you conduct extensive research and find a company with good reviews. A company’s reviews can tell you a lot about them and will make deciding to work with them an easy decision for you to make.

3. Culture of Cleanliness

In your business, you need to cultivate a culture of cleanliness. A culture of cleanliness is something that you can build among staff. You can do this by telling them the importance of keeping your commercial space clean. If you do not ensure that staff understand the importance of cleanliness then their dirtiness could lead to customers not wanting to come into your store. If particular employees are not helpful relative to cleaning up then make sure that you warn them and punish them if they do not heed your warnings.

4. Removing Shoes

In some parts of Asia, people are required to remove their shoes before entering houses and commercial spaces. If you want to keep your business’s floor clean then you should ask people to remove their shoes. You should give people slippers to use if you are planning on doing this, however.

5. Washing Hands

Upon entering, ask people to wash their hands. Asking people to wash their hands is very relevant now when you consider COVID-19 and how it was spread. An alternative to asking people to wash their hands is to disinfect them with antiseptic gel.

6. Providing Trash Cans

In your office make sure that you provide people with trash cans to use. By providing trash cans you won’t have to worry about litter being left around. If you catch anybody littering in your commercial space, make sure you go over to them and ask them to put their rubbish in the bin.

You need to make sure that your business is a clean, safe space. You can only do this by following the guidance given here in this post. If you have any issues with keeping your office or workspace clean then you can always enlist the help of a professional cleaning company.

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