Security ID Cards Provide a Proven ROI

Security is about more than deterring criminal activity and apprehending felons, it can also be about preventing the loss of earnings. If a robbery takes place, then your business can stand to lose large amounts of income. Security ID cards can prevent this from happening, but they can save you money in other ways as well. Here are a few examples.

ROI Versus Loss Prevention

The bottom line in business is all about the ROI or return on investment, which means that you stand to gain more than the amount of money you’ve invested. Actually, the way that security usually works is a bit different than a pure ROI, since security has more to do with preventing losses on what you already hold. That is, security devices themselves don’t go to work earning money but protecting what your company has already earned and assets that your company already owns.

Security ID - ROI imageKeeping Intruders Out

The main purpose of security ID cards is to help a business keep track of personnel and to ensure that no one who doesn’t have access to sensitive areas of a company is able to gain access. This occurs in two ways:

  • Contactless card readers prevent anyone who does not possess a company issued ID card from gaining access;
  • Security ID cards can be checked by guards or specially trained staff to ensure that the card actually belongs to the person who carries it.

Another feature that helps prevent unwanted people from gaining access is that security ID cards can be immediately deactivated when reported lost or stolen. This prevents any lost cards from being used for nefarious purposes.

Security ID Card Printers

When a company employs security ID cards, it is more beneficial for them to invest in a complete security ID card printing system. While security ID cards themselves contain complicated security technology that is very difficult to falsify, security ID card printers are easy to learn to use and are able to process and create an enormous amount of professional security ID cards in a very short period of time. Some of the most advanced machines are able to print more than 5000 ID cards in a year.

Employee Logging

Since security ID cards are used to gain access to sensitive locations, they monitor and track the time and date that each employee uses their card. This can provide employers with a useful way to monitor employee work hours to ensure they aren’t losing any money on dishonest workers. It can also become useful if crimes occur, since a company can then provide law enforcement with a record of who gained access to the premises at any particular time.

Security ID cards may not create a ROI in the technical sense, but they do help to save employers enormous amounts of money in a preventative sense. When a security system works to deter crime, there’s no way to know just how useful it has been. Be sure to invest in a security ID card system now, before you find out how much your business stands to lose.