Tips to sell your car quickly and at the best price

Sell your car image 89939393The used car industry is booming at a rapid pace and is expected to surpass annual new car sales records. Whilst the growing interest of buyers in used cars has paved the way for numerous opportunities to sell your car to get a good deal quickly, it can also mean that the chances of selling the vehicle at a good price are reduced substantially, since the potential buyer will have more sellers to meet his or her demand. In order to get the best deals, it is advisable to reach out to a reputed dealer such as Carswitch.  The company connects the right seller to buyer with complete transparency in the process and makes your used car buying experience a breeze.

During such circumstances, you can follow the steps mentioned below to get the best deal for your car!

Figure out the value of your car

Before you start thinking that “I have to sell my car”, it is smart to know the car’s worth.  There are various online portals that offer such services for free – all you need to do is enter details such as the vehicle’s make, model, distance on the odometer, and year. Evaluating the approximate value of the car will help you negotiate a better deal and save a lot of time and effort. It is extremely important to know the value of your car before setting foot in the used car market, or else you may get ripped off by dealers or buyers.

List your vehicle online

Selling a used car through the offline mode will cost a commission, which means that you will not get the total sale price of your vehicle. This is because a mediator or middle man who arranges everything between the buyer and seller will probably charge a commission.

On the other hand, a number of online car resellers such as CarSwitch can help you in such situations. You should also consider selling sell your vehicle to somebody you know, such as a friend, neighbour, work colleague, or relative.

Nobody would want to purchase a car with a high kilometer reading on the odometer unless it’s a commercial car. It’s crucial to keep your kilometers in check and avoid unnecessary usage. Use public transport, or a car pool service when possible. However, if it’s impossible to avoid long journeys in your vehicle, don’t keep it for too long. Ideally, you should have sold your car by the time you have had it for five years.

Car Colour

Just because you adore the vibrant hue for your car’s exteriors doesn’t necessarily mean potential buyers will like it too. We all have different tastes.

Basic or neutral colours such as black, silver, white, especially in metallic shades, tend to sell swiftly and usually for much more money. On the other hand, bright and flashy pops of green, maroon, gold, purple, or other colours that aren’t part of the popular range may struggle to be sold in the used car market. In most cases, the initial difficulty to sell a vehicle will prompt the owner to accept a low, unreasonable offer from a potential buyer.

Get your car fixed

When a car’s maintained properly with service records serving as proof, its seller is much more likely to be offered a good price for it.  Does the car’s service centre matter? The answer is yes. Servicing the vehicle through authorised dealers and agency maintenance centres can be an attractive factor for potential buyers.

Consumers tend to trust official dealers more than other service places. However, many people also trust private garages with a good reputation. When you are going to have your vehicle serviced, bear in mind these factors.

Model & Make

Depending on the region of your residence, the vehicle’s make and model can have either a positive or negative impact on its resale value. People’s reasons for buying a vehicle vary considerably and do not always make logical sense. In most cases, consumers are interested in practical factors such as the vehicle’s reliability, design, and potential uses.

Exterior & Interior Conditions

Buyers are looking for clean cars. This applies both to their interiors and interiors. A clean vehicle does not only look nice, it also suggests that the owner has looked after it properly. Most buyers will tolerate some stains in the leather and fabric. They also know that these minor blemishes will not affect the vehicle’s performance.

The Car’s Age

Unless you have a classic or collector’s car, your vehicle will depreciate in value the older it gets. How you look after it while you own it can influence its selling price. It will also give you an edge over the other second-hand vehicles on sale. However, age will place a price ceiling on any car, regardless of how well you maintained it.