How Sharon Bush Is Making Major Changes

As a member of an American dynasty, the Bush family, Sharon Bush could have enjoyed all the privileges of her connections, but instead, she helped kick off several major trends in business, trends that her children have followed. Today, Sharon is one of a number of people participating in both philanthropic organizations and socially conscious companies while reveling in her role as a mother. Central to all of her work has been a call to service and love of family.

Feed my starting children - Sharon Bush
Image via Flickr by Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)

Sharon’s Work With Philanthropic Organizations

Sharon’s first foray into philanthropy occurred when she founded the Karitas Foundation. This organization sells children’s toys and clothing and donates the profits to shelters that focus on caring for abused and homeless children, work that was inspired by her time teaching. Her work with the Karitas Foundation served as one of the inspirations for Sharon’s own children. Her daughter Lauren started FEED, an organization which sells bags and accessories to fight hunger. Her son Pierce oversees Big Brothers Big Sisters for Texas, and her daughter Ashley is a mentor for women recovering from abuse in safe homes.

Sharon has not forgotten her beginnings in education. In 2017, she became the director of development for Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School. There she brought her expertise from a lifetime of philanthropy to raise funds for the private Catholic school.

Sharon’s Focus on Socially Conscious Companies

In addition to her philanthropic work, Sharon has entered the world of work with socially conscious companies. These companies are for-profit businesses but are focused on providing tools to address pressing problems in society.

Protein Matrix is one of the companies Sharon works with and oversees business development for its operations. This company produces Protein Matrix Industrial Grease Remediation (IGR), an environmentally friendly solution to break down fats, oils, and grease in sewer lines to prevent costly, toxic, and unpleasant sewer leaks. These sewer leaks may seem small, but they are a significant source of the chemical runoff that pollutes waterways and groundwater, ultimately impacting the fresh water we drink. Protein Matrix IGR is strong enough to handle the fats, oils, and grease produced by industry but gentle enough to be used in the average kitchen.

GreenStract is another company where Sharon oversees business development. This chemical technology company based in Springfield, Massachusetts, removes harmful waste from storage tanks. Its plant-based solution addresses toxic residues such as petroleum, creosote, and coal tar.

Sharon’s Efforts on Putting Family First

Contrary to traditional expectations of women keeping their home life and business life separate, Sharon Bush has embraced her role as a mother, and she’s used this role to fuel and strengthen her pursuits. She could be seen as one of the earliest examples of a momtrepreneur, mothers creating companies and nonprofits intended to serve their fellow mothers. Sharon continues to spread her wings in the worlds of philanthropy and business by re-entering the world of education and stepping into the world of pollution remediation as she seeks to create a better world for everyone.