How businesses can benefit from the boom in popstar apparel

Each e-commerce segment has its own unique strategies to attract customers. Brands specializing in household items, for example, will have different techniques to position their business than auto parts or fashion. While the former will focus their campaigns on consumer needs, online fashion stores have a different focus, which will focus on drives, trends, and new style references.

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However, there is a focus all companies share, which is to attract attention and get new customers.

At first, it seemed that the fashion industry was going to have some problems adapting to electronic commerce, due to the difficulty that the buyers have in trying on the desired object, but in recent times, options such as Stockloot have appeared that have vastly improved the experience of buyers.

Some other factors that helped the development of online fashion stores include the inclusion of size charts, free exchange, integration with physical stores, videos of models with garments, and catwalks, among others. Today the fashion sector is positioned as one of the fastest-growing in e-commerce.

From consumers looking for the best juice world merch to those browsing the latest Autumn fashion outfits, to those who need sports apparel. The expansion of the online market has no limits and if we add to this that, the clothing, footwear, and accessories category is the favorite of buyers in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico. Stores must take advantage of this boom to better position their businesses.

Strategies for the Dissemination of Your online Fashion Store

There are many ways to position your online popstar fashion store. We are going to focus on 6 strategies that will help you improve your performance while you are willing to buyStockloot.

Word of Mouth

Since the world is a world, word of mouth is the most concrete way to achieve conversions. It is simply the old technique of passing information verbally from person to person. Thus, a recommendation made in an informal and personal way in this era is still more valued by some than an advertisement or advertisement.

It is undoubtedly one of the most effective channels. 82% of consumers look for recommendations before making a purchase, especially in the textile sector.

Marketing and Communication

The rules are changing for everyone. In the past, investing in the media involved paying large sums of money to run an ad in a printed newspaper or magazine. You have to think mainly about your performance.

To start your brand and your products have to appear in Google searches. It is essential to make the exact choice of keywords that are related to your online store (for example, if you sell leather jackets and the buyer writes “jacket” and “leather jacket” and these are items on your page, your store will appear in the search engine).

Social Networks

Direct your branding strategy to the main social networks, today; it is no longer just an opportunity but a duty of brands. Right now, without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most popular for any fashion strategy.

To be successful, you have to invest time and energy in generating good product photos, which are of high quality and have benefits. It is not just about showing the object but making it tempting to look at it so that users want to have it.


New figures have appeared in the virtual world for a long time these are influencers, people with a large number of followers who through their social media accounts promote different products and influence purchasing decisions.

They can spread curiosity, enthusiasm, and guide consumer trends. In the social network of photos of Stockloot they are known as “instagramers”, they can be from models, actors to influencers and they are the best allies to get more clients.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to get more conversions is through email advertising. Each email that is sent to a client or potential client, in addition to tempting them with some outstanding and irresistible promotion or product, is a good way to improve the relationship and generate loyalty. According to international studies, personalized emails work by 40%. Having users segmented through a solid database will undoubtedly maximize the sales of your online fashion store.

Discount Coupons and Promotions

Another option is retention campaigns. Through Artificial Intelligence, a lightning offer is generated for the customer to buy on impulse. These strategies are based on pop-ups (custom overlays) that surprise customers when they are about to leave the store, or when they are making a decision about a product.

Also, the same sites offer intelligent recommendations that the same Artificial Intelligence system arms according to the consumer’s profile. The objective of Stockloot is to offer them, individually and assertively, a differentiated experience at the time of purchase.

If you have a popstar fashion e-commerce, invest in email marketing, media, social networks, and special promotions. Do not forget that in a field like yours, images are more important than words.

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