Skype is ending support for its apps on Smart TVs

Skype announced that it is ending support for its apps on smart TVs.

The Microsoft-owned video calling service has decided to stop supporting its smart TV apps as consumers prefer to use mobile devices to make video calls, despite the size advantage offered by TVs.

The service will continue to be supported until June. After that it will be up to TV manufacturers to decide whether they want to continue offering the service.

Skype said in a statement: “Starting in June 2016, the Skype for TV application will no longer be supported; there will be no updates to the application.”

After June 2016 “manufacturers may remove the Skype for TV application from some or all of their models.”

Skype is ending support for its apps on Smart TVs. Consumers simply prefer using their mobile phones to make video calls instead.

“Since 2010, Skype has delivered a great calling experience in the living room in partnership with several TV manufacturers. But over the years, users have changed the way they use Skype, with the majority accessing it from a mobile device – including when in the living room.

“We want to make sure we prioritize delivering the best possible experience to the platforms our users are asking for, which is why we’ve decided to focus our efforts in other areas while supporting key functionality on Skype for TV for as long as possible.”

People are more used to using their mobile phones to make calls

Chris Green, a technology analyst at the consultancy Lewis, was quoted by the BBC as saying:

“On paper the idea of using a TV for things like Skype made a lot of sense – it’s a non-threatening device that people were already comfortable with, so it seemed a good way to get the tech into the living room,”

“But the ubiquity of mobile devices made video conferencing on TVs redundant.

“No-one ever got used to using a big screen for Skype because they never needed to – people are far more used to picking up a tablet and doing it that way – and I don’t think there’s a way back now.”

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  1. SamSkypeCom says

    Skype discontinuing TV support

    Whilst quietly watching Happy Valley last night a message scrolled across our screen stating Skype would be discontinued as of June this year! At this point happy Valley became a tragedy, discontinue Skype TV, what’s the matter with these people? It’s hard to express the disbelief and astonishment which befell us. We enjoy using our Skype television in comfortable surroundings, this being more agreeable than trying to huddle around a computer and sitting on uncomfortable chairs etc.

    Obviously, this required a little research to see what was going on. It wasn’t long before I came across the explanation given by Skype (Microsoft). It appears television customers are not using Skype Television because individuals prefer using their mobile (Cell) or Tablet!

    This excuse needs to be looked at very closely and understand what is going on, Television manufacturers have murdered Skype Television.

    When I first purchased my first Smart Television it was a Panasonic, I thought great I can use my Webcam and make Skype Calls. Stupid me, the Panasonic TV is not compatible with a £15 computer Webcam. I need to buy a dedicated Panasonic Web TV Cam to get Skype, not a problem, I’ll purchase one. Hold on, £150 for a Webcam, are they serious? Yes, I can only use a specific TV Manufactured unit and they can charge what ever they wish, did I take it up, NO.

    Later I replaced the Panasonic for a Samsung, was I glad I hadn’t purchased a Panasonic webcam, it would be useless with my Samsung. Once more I had a look for a compatible Webcam, Samsung were selling a unit for only £90, what a bargain (Not)!

    I’ve had a quick look around on the internet today, dedicated TV Manufacturer Webcams range from £100 – £200. You can purchase third party Webcams from £50 – £100 but these may have compatibility issues.

    Now, I am not a rocket scientist but I can easily see why Skype TV has not taken off in the way it was initially hoped. Why would anyone wish to pay £150 when all they need to do is reach for a small Tablet or Mobile. Granted, not comfortable in a group viewing but hey, saved myself £150. TV Manufacturers having a virtual monopoly must be held liable for strangling Skype TV and not allowing it to grow. Had £15 Webcams been implemented, then we would have been looking at a flourishing App.

    I did purchase a Samsung Webcam at great expense and I wish this App to continue, I hope and pray Microsoft will change their mind, putting pressure on TV Manufacturers would be a step in the right direction.

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