Slick Travel Tips for Rusty Globetrotters

It’s the understatement of the century to say that the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted every aspect of life. As the vaccine rollout continues and borders gradually open, people will be eager to take to the skies and see new places once again to travel somewhere.

travel tips

Here are a few tips you’ll want covering new travel trends and old hacks from seasoned jet setters.

Drive Yourself to the Airport

Uber disrupted airport taxis, and now they’ve been supplanted in turn. Companies like One Stop Parking let anyone drive their own car to the airport and sidestep notoriously high airport parking fees.

Just park at a hotel located beside the airport, even if you haven’t booked a room at the hotel, and take their free shuttle bus to your terminal. Then, all you need to do is show the parking attendant your reservation, and you’re in.

Enjoy the familiarity of your own car without having to look down at your phone for the dot to arrive in person. Save up to $200 per trip, and some companies offer points for additional cost-cutting.

Pack Strategically

The rules and fees for packing have changed over the years, and so should your approach. For example, if you’re just going away for a weekend, try packing all you need in carry-on bags. You’ll avoid any check-in fees and waiting at the luggage carousel, and it also eliminates the possibility that your bags will be lost.

However, you need to be sure that you’re not carrying on any prohibited items, like a Swiss Army Knife, which will be confiscated by security if it’s not checked in. For your own pleasure, don’t forget to bring entertainment of your choice, like your favourite book, music, or movie.

Harness Google

Search engines can help you find the cheapest possible ticket. Tell Google your range of travel dates and destination and, if you’re lucky, they’ll send you a notification when the flight drops in price.

You may be shocked to learn that two people may spend a very different amount of money for the exact same plane ticket. Once you know, you’ll never want to be on the wrong side of that.

Dress for Comfort and Climate

How long is your flight, and where is it headed? If you’re in a cold region flying somewhere warm, you may wait before you crack out the sandals and sunscreen. Dress appropriately, given the weather on both sides of the journey.

Some clothing lines make travel wear that resists wrinkles and looks nice enough to wear to a restaurant, but also comfortable enough when you’re aboard a plane for long periods. You don’t need to choose between a sweatsuit and a suit — enjoy the best of both worlds.

Now that people are slowly getting vaccinated fully, many regions are opening for travel. Be cautious, vigilant, and follow the advice of medical professionals and the local laws. It’s natural to be a little rusty after so long, but keep the above travel tips in mind, and your trip will be smoother and less expensive.

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