Slots now bigger than betting

Today’s online casinos are characterized by the enormous offer of different kinds of games. Due to technological advances, games are becoming more and more realistic, which has a highly positive effect on the playing experience. Still, slots games somehow remain the no.1 choice of most players. Moreover, they are constantly growing and these days, they are bigger than any other online casino game. Moreover, they are bigger than any other form of online betting, including sports betting in many markets.

Online slots are particularly popular among female players, but male players love them as well. The reasons for such popularity are numerous. The offer is incredible, while the thrill is always present no matter if you’re a beginner or pro. Furthermore, there is a long list of reasons that makes these games more appealing.

What’s particularly interesting about slots games is that more and more players prefer very high stakes. There are several reasons for such a playing approach, we believe. First of all, many of these games offer progressive jackpots, which require larger stakes. Of course, the things that go with higher stakes are higher fixed prizes, as well as higher scatter payouts. Furthermore, many believe that chances to hit random jackpots are much bigger with higher stakes.

According to Hector Brown from Foxbonus, one of the most important aspects of slot machines is RTP. In the past, many believed that the actual RTP percentage was different, regarding the amount of bet. In other words, the percentage was higher with bigger bets. However, that’s not the case today. These days, slots games are strictly controlled by various regulatory bodies and one of the first conditions is to offer a fixed RTP. Therefore, players may count on the same chance of winning, no matter how high their stakes are.

Those are all good reasons for the popularity of slot games but the thing players like most about them is simplicity and convenience. Just like in land-based casinos, online slots are super-easy to understand. Rules are simple and players usually need no more than a couple of spins to figure out the whole game. They are particularly great for beginners, who don’t like complicated rules and tons of strategies, typical for table games. Despite the simplicity, slot games have the power to provide thrills even to most experienced players. That fantastic combination of simplicity and fun factor is the main reason why these games are widely popular, both among experienced and non-experienced players.

Considering the popularity of slot games, it’s no wonder that the number of titles is huge. Moreover, it’s constantly growing every day. These days, we have numerous renowned game providers, while the highest reputable casinos offer literally thousands of games. So, everyone can find his perfect game to play. Some of them are super simple, other offer impressive graphics. Also, there are tons of games that are inspired by legendary movies, video games and similar things, which is another great way to get more players.

This variety of slot machines is displayed in many other aspects as well. We already mentioned the RTP, but there is also a thing called volatility. These two terms are connected but while RTP shows how much of the wagered money will come back to players, volatility is something else. It shows how frequently the machine tends to payout. A higher volatility means that the machine will payout more often, but in smaller amounts. On the other hand, some machines tend to pay out much bigger sums, but less frequently.

There are few more things we should consider, regarding slots’ popularity. For example, we could talk about the comfort and convenience of playing these games. Furthermore, the playing experience is the same, no matter on what kind of device you’re playing, which is not always the case with table or live casino games.

Also, slot games are really great when it comes to bonuses. Whether it’s about to welcome bonuses or other kinds of rewards, most of them refer to slot machines. Many of these prizes come in a form of free spins, but even if it’s about bonus money, most of it can be used for slots only. Keep in mind that online casinos often use bonuses to promote new slots games or to popularize those less known titles, which means you can often find some pretty good promotions.

Those would be some of the most common reasons why more and more people are playing slot games. Simply, slot games offer a great balance between simplicity and a great playing experience, so we have no doubt they will always be popular, no matter how far technology goes.

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