How to Use Social Media to Benefit Your Business

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Throughout the years, marketing has changed and morphed. We saw kids on soapboxes announcing the arrival of a brand-new product. We saw cure-all salesmen in top hats and monocles telling the public that their specific blend of ancient herbs will cure everything from baldness to hysteria.

Now, things are done a bit differently. With the boom of technology, marketing is now a function of social media. Being a “social media marketer” may seem a bit on the nose for the day, but there are some defining lines that separate the pros from the posers. If you’re using social media and you’re trying to find a way to make it benefit your business, there are very specific things you can do—actionable things. Here are a few you can start on now.

Professional Guides

There’s a common denominator between all the greats when it comes to social media. They all had some help. It doesn’t’ matter if it’s a massive celebrity or a kid that somehow went viral for whatever reason. The reason for their social media success, according to the industry specialists Born Social, is they had a team behind them guiding their every move.

It doesn’t mean they have to micromanage the whole marketing campaign. But to make sure that the content and message behind the majority of the posts are done with a purpose. This kind of help can propel you into the social media sphere much faster and in a more controlled manner than if you were to get out there on your own.

The Human Element

Social media, as much as it may seem like one big personal advertisement, is actually a way to get in touch with your customers. If you have an open forum through any of the social media outlets, you can tally all the questions they may have about your product or service. That human element is key to have people invested in your product. Most companies are cold and calculated, even upfront. It’s all business.

Sometimes, interacting with a company online seems more like an automated set of top ten answers. You can separate yourself by spending time or having a specialist spend time, with your existing and potential customers.

Unboxing and Real World Use

When we run advertisements, we tend to show the product in its best light. Of course! We want individuals who are looking for that kind of product to perceive that as the best possible option. But social media can add a completely different element to this. They can offer free product reviews. The world of unboxing and reviews is among the largest online.

Videos, posts essays, rants, raves—all-around a product, are getting millions upon millions of eyeballs every day. Having potential customers see your product in its most practical and utilitarian light by, by having it reviewed and even criticized, is what people on the internet really look for.

Brand Flexibility

Oftentimes, when one switches to online marketing, it seems as though the branding has to fit a younger demographic. This cannot be further from the truth. What we’re seeing with older consumers is a willingness to participate in the discussion and usability of different social media platforms. If you’re a company that tends to have an older, professional base, you can still be present without compromising your brand image. Links to a solid website and plain language are key to targeting your prime demographic.

It is still a matter of agreeable content and capturing those first two seconds one needs to reel potential customers in. Because of this basic function, it also allows one to rebrand and shift with relative ease. Executing a campaign and changing one’s trajectory is much simpler on social media than, let’s say, TV ads and billboards.

Connecting With Capable People 

The best part of using social media is connecting people. You have access to individuals that can potentially help you and your company. It’s the cursory look into the gig economy. One can digitally allocate jobs and run interviews through whichever social media channels you choose.

It gives a less formal and more tangible look into how one would operate under your management and within your business. If the person isn’t up to speed, one can rest assured that the resources spent vetting and interviewing are minimal compared to that of any other means.

Social media is here to stay. There is an infinite set of possible moves that one can go about executing, but the simplicity and casual approach remain the same. It is often a breath of fresh air across the board. Remember, social media can be anything you want it to be. If you want it to benefit your business, have a solid plan, and proper guideposts. But at the same time, you’re given the freedom to pivot as you see fit. Good luck!

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