Spectacular photo of flying saucer shaped UFO captured by walker

A spectacular photo of a flying saucer shaped UFO was captured by Fiona Powel while on a family walk with her kids. As we all know what the acronym stands for – Unidentified Flying Object – it was definitely a UFO.

Whether it was a flying saucer is a different matter. It was a still photograph and no samples were collected from the object – so we will probably never know what it was. Why, out of the thousands of UFO photos taken, are samples never collected?

The more skeptical among us may even wonder whether some clever Photoshop procedure placed something in the picture that was not there before.

flying saucer UFO imageCarl Michael posted these pictures of Ms. Powell and the UFO on Twitter. Could it be a flying saucer, a weather balloon that has just deflated, some experimental prototype aircraft, or a hoax? What do you think? (Image: twitter.com)

Alien seekers full of suggestions

As soon as Ms. Powell’s photo went online, alien seekers and UFO enthusiasts have flooded social media and paranormal websites will dozens of suggestions, ranging from it definitely being a flying saucer with extraterrestrials who are watching us, invading Earth or checking their crops (our DNA will be harvested one day), to a sinister civilisation that has been experimenting on us for thousands of years.

Ms. Powell said that she had been taking scenic photos during a walk with her children and some friends along the promenade on Severn Beach, Bristol, and had not noticed the mysterious object in the sky, neither had anybody else.

It was when she looked at the pictures later that she noticed a disc-shaped object in the upper right-hand corner, and started wondering what on Earth it was.

Ms. Powell, 41, from Bristol in England, who describes herself as an alien agnostic (unsure about their existence), said:

“I’m undecided whether I believe in Aliens or not, but this photo certainly meets the criteria of a UFO.”

“After I had taken the photo, my friend zoomed in and it looked even more like a UFO. I have shown the photo to a few sensible friends and they all think it is incredible.”

Flying saucer in ArgentinaThis UFO was photographed when a motorist was taking some pictures of bikers on a bridge in Argentina. (Image: www.lmneuquen.com)

Another flying saucer shaped UFO filmed in Argentina

A family in Argentina, who had stopped their car for a rest during a long trip, panicked when they saw a UFO above a bridge at La Rinconada in Argentina.

A woman, Verónica (no surname), said she was taking a picture of some bikers on the bridge when she screamed at the sight of what looked like a UFO hovering above them.

On hearing her scream and seeing the bizarre object in the sky, everybody sprinted at top speed to the car, locked the doors, closed the windows, and the driver sped off at full speed.

Regarding the event, Verónica said:

“I screamed. Everyone looked and we saw it some 50 metres away, for an instant, just when I took the photo. After that, it was no longer there.”

Some people found Verónica’s account of what happened hard to believe, claiming that most people do not run off when a UFO appears, but stand there staring – mesmerized. Others said they too would yell and try to get as far away from it as they could.

At Market Business News (MBN), we have reported on dozens of UFO and/or alien sightings. I have yet to read about one that convinces me that aliens exist. Until that happens, I will be like Ms. Powell – an alien agnostic.

The most reliable source for news on aliens or UFOs is probably the SETI Institute (SETI = Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

SETI says that after several decades of searching the Universe and analyzing data, it has found no sign of alien life yet. Dr. Jill Tarter, who works at SETI, says that when aliens do come, they will call the shots – we will be at their mercy. So, let’s hope they are nice!

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