7 Tips for Startups on Marketing with SEO

The average amount of time it takes a new business to be profitable is two to three years. However, you can speed up that process by becoming more active and visible online.

People spend hours every day searching the web for their needs.

Take your business to the next level with SEO - image for articleIf your business’s website can help answer industry questions and offer a valuable product or service, you should start to see profit rolling in.

This article will teach you about marketing with SEO, a.k.a. search engine optimization, so you can get the cash rolling in.

  1. Create Quality Content

Content is king when it comes to search engine optimization. Your website needs to have a blog section with optimized content. The blog posts on your website should answer the questions that people in your industry want to know.

For instance, if you sell pet products, your blogs should be geared toward pet owners. Write content that owners who take care of dogs and cats want to know. Write blogs about how to handle aggressive dogs or how to train cats to use the litter box.

High quality, engaging content will keep readers flocking to your blog and buying from your website.

  1. Establish Yourself

You don’t want to just sell good products, you want to become an authority in your niche. One way you build up authority is through links.

You need websites that are already respected to link to your site. You should also only included external links that send your readers to well-respected sites.

  1. Use Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to monitor how your site is doing. This free web tool will keep track of which of your pages get a lot of clicks and which don’t.

This is valuable information because once you start to notice which pages people like, you can monitor the rest of your website off of popular pages. Google Analytics will tell you what type of content your reader wants to read. You’ll start to notice that numbered lists do well while long, bulky articles fall flat.

Take time to regularly assess how your website is going and target your weakest points.

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  1. Introduce Yourselves

People like to buy products from trustworthy sources. They’re more likely to add your product to their shopping cart if they have a good idea of who you are. This is where an ‘about us’ page comes in. Use this page to market your personality.

Create an introduction video where you tell the public who you are and why you started this company.

Be open and talk about the struggles of being a start-up. Tell the world what you hope to accomplish and why you believe in your product.

  1. Make Content Shareable

If you want more viewers on your website and therefore more customers, you need to build a social media presence. Establish business accounts on all major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Start posting regularly about your startup and sales or deals you’re offering. Whenever you post, provide links to your website so people get more familiar with it.

Conversely, be sure all the content on your website is ‘shareable’ on social media. Do this by including sharing links at the bottom of all your pages. Also, make the headlines eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Think about the things that make you abandon the endless scrolling on your Facebook page in order to click on them. Model your content off of these articles.

  1. Optimize Images

A lot of people simply throw up an image on their website and think they’re good to go. Images are actually very powerful in SEO ranking but you have to label them properly. Be sure the image file name uses keywords from your article.

Also, make sure the caption contains your keyword. Provide alt-text for the visually impaired that describes what’s going on in your image.

It’s important in this visual world that your images are clear and high quality. Invest in a DSLR and learn how to take good photos. You can also use photos for content on social media that redirects people to your website.

  1. Be Easy to Use

You want your website to be easy to navigate. Users will abandon your site if your homepage loads slowly. Be sure to remove anything that causes your site to load more than three seconds.

Keep your homepage simple. Don’t try to cram too much text or too many photos on the landing page.

Make sure all your tabs are clearly labeled and accessible. You want visitors to your site to understand where they can go to read more about your company, and more importantly where they can buy things.

Give visitors an email subscription box where they can enter their email and hear about deals your company will offer in the future. These emails are a great way to turn people into future customers.

Now You Know These Tips on Marketing with SEO

You can now take these marketing with SEO tips and transform your website into a money-making machine. Remember the most important part of search engine optimization is creating quality content made for readers. Always type in a conversational tone that’s easy for readers to understand.

You want to use SEO to bring visitors to your site and you do this by showing your trustworthiness and have something of value to offer.

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