State Farm agents will work to increase enrollment for the Affordable Care Act

A partnership has been announced between local State Farm agents and the Blue Cross Blue Shield, to try and increase the number of people enrolling for the Affordable Care Act during its open enrollment period.

State Farm, based in Bloomington, Illinois, will be selling the Blue Cross Blue Shield health care policies across Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Montana.

State Farm will be providing the health plans under the Affordable Care Act health insurance exchanges across the five states.

The agents working for State Farm will make commissions for every new individual and family Blue Cross insurance policy that they sell.

Blue Cross is trying to increase the number of clients, with the aid of a total of 3,300 State Farm agents.

Enrollment starts on November 15 and on January 1, 2015, coverage will begin.

Joe Monk, Chief Administrative Officer and Senior Vice President of State Farm Mutual, said:

“This alliance brings together two iconic organizations, both known for delivering the most trusted insurance coverage and exceptional customer service.”