Stunning London at night picture taken by astronaut on board ISS

A stunning picture of London at night has been taken and published online by NASA astronaut Dr. Kjell Norwood Lindgren on board the ISS (International Space Station).

It depicts London, well known for its bright lights, during the early Christmas season as the ISS passed 250 miles up, over the UK’s capital.

What looks like a black, winding snake through the city is the River Thames. With the river weaving through the city, its lights sprawl out like crooked spokes on a broken bicycle wheel.

London at nightBeautiful London at night with the river Thames weaving through the centre like a black serpent. (Image: Kjell Lindgren/NASA/PA)

Dr. Lindgren is a Taiwan-born American citizen. He spent most of his childhood in England. He is on board the ISS with fellow astronaut Scott Kelly.

ISS astronauts celebrate Thanksgiving in space

The ISS astronauts shared their plans for their Thanksgiving dinner aboard the International Space Station. For them there is no big oven where they can roast the big bird and regularly baste it until it is just right. There is no sitting down for the feast either.

When Kelly ripped away a transparent bag of candied yams, his portion of rehydrateable corn nearly floated away.

NASA astronauts celebrating thanksgivingScott Kelly (left) and Dr. Lindgren celebrating Thanksgiving standing up. (Image: NASA).

After opening the zip-lock container and squeezing out a blob of yams he took a bite and said “Man, they are delicious”.

Lindgren watched and said in an unconvinced tone “Good stuff.”

Dr. Lindgren, who is due to return to Earth on December 11th, said:

“I’m personally thankful for my friends and family, especially my wife and children, and I’m looking forward to seeing them here soon.”

NASA Video – Thanksgiving in space