What are Survival Kits? And why should you have one at all times?

A survival kit is a bundle of supplies and tools which work as an aid to help you survive in an emergency. Ships, airplanes, public transports, and space crafts are provided with survival kits. Survival kits include basic tools and supplies for a person to survive any kind of emergency such as plane crash, accidents, etc. Mostly civilians like hunters, forestry workers, mountain climbers use survival kits.

What Tools and Supplies are in a Survival Kit?

A survival kit includes several items that are used in different ways. Each one has an important part to play in helping a person survive. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  1. Water/water filtration
  2. Food
  3. Combat knife
  4. Rope
  5. Ace bandages
  6. Flashlight
  7. Extra batteries
  8. Dust mask or respirator mask
  9. Local map
  10. Cell phone with a backup battery
  11. Towel or tissues
  12. Matches
  13. Flint or magnesium Firestarter
  14. Emergency blanket
  15. Aspirin
  16. Tweezers
  17. Flare gun
  18. Whistle

Importance of Survival Kit

There is no doubt that an emergency can occur at any time or anywhere around the globe. There are many times when tsunamis, earthquakes, and other man-made or natural disasters hit around the globe, and millions of people are not ready for it. That is why every human should be ready by making a survival kit and planning for such a disaster.

You may have some kind of emergency preparedness in your car, in your home or where you work, for example, flashlight or candles in case the power goes out, a couple of bandages if you get injured, food and water if you get stuck somewhere. Whatever the case is, survival kits can help us to get out of trouble, help us in darkness, and can make us feel strong.

We don’t know in what type of emergency we can be in, but knowing that we have a survival kit with supplies and tools can bring us peace of mind, which can help us in surviving. You can get the best survival kits from many stores. If you don’t buy the complete kit, you should have the essential items in your backpack.

Reasons Why you need a Survival kit

According to BestSurvival, there are many reasons for you to have an emergency or a survival kit.

  1. It Can Happen to Anyone

At present, you don’t think that an emergency can happen to you, but disasters can happen at any time to anyone. In the past recent years, there were large wildfires in California, floods in Japan, a thunderstorm in Carolina that killed a lot of people.

An emergency can also happen to you on a smaller scale, for example, imagine driving a car through a forest, and an animal jumps in front of the car out of nowhere. Your phone doesn’t get service; moreover, your car is damaged and undrivable in this scenario, a survival kit can be very helpful. You can call for help, and with the supplies, you can survive until help comes.

  1. Peace of Mind

In the world, the scariest thing for us is not knowing what will happen. Emergencies and disasters can happen to anyone, and it’s the great unknown we all fear. The actual bad news is that even with advance technology we cannot predict the exact time and magnitude of a disaster that is why we should always be prepared for any kind of emergency

Nowadays, everybody thinks that they are safe. The reality is disasters can hit at any time to anybody in the world. Having a survival kit in such a situation can put our minds at ease. By knowing we can handle the unexpected, we feel more safe and secure. By having an emergency kit, we can communicate with the outdoor world and can receive the important update.