How can you survive in your first year of trading?

Every new trader faces many problems in the Forex market, they try to make money but end up losing. The losses happen for many factors, you need to act smartly in the trades to become successful. If you are new, you will face many ups and downs in the trades. You should have a strong mindset so that you can deal with the obstacles with a positive mindset. For instance, you might have to lose a few trades after doing all the things perfectly.

Survive you first year of trading - image 498398398938Embracing the losing trades become very hard for the rookie traders since they are always trading without thinking about the risk exposure. In fact, they don’t even have the basic that can help them to find high-quality trades.

Trading will be hard for you as in the very beginning you won’t be aware of all the terms and indicators of the market. Don’t ever lose hope in the trades as losing is also a part of winning. In this article, you will find many points which will help you to survive in your first year of trading.

Lower your expectations

Many new traders often expect too much from their trades and when they lose they lose hope and become emotional. One wrong move in the market will give you a huge loss. As a new trader you should never expect too much.

The smart traders always take the calculative decision at trading. Even though they can use a high leverage fx trading account still they trade with a very low-risk profile so that they don’t have to deal with extreme stress when the trade goes wrong. Take a logical decision so that you can easily survive in this business.

High expectations will also hamper your mental balance and you won’t be able to trade properly. If you lose you will easily get frustrate and anger and thus will make more mistakes in the trades which will result in blowing your trading account. Always have low expectations so that even if you lose in the trades you can handle your emotions.

Focus keenly

It is observed that the new traders focus tilt very often, to make profits you need to focus on every aspect of the market. Always keep your focus on point if you want to understand the market properly. Don’t assume that you can understand the market in a jiffy.

If you want to learn one method or approach try to put all your focus on that particular task. You will face several systems in the trades so, to learn them you need to keep your focus consistently. Stay focused and learn gradually about the trading systems to survive in the long run.

Learn about the tools and indicators

Never ever take the tools and indicators lightly, to trade profitably you need to understand them appropriately. You won’t be able to survive in the trading if you don’t understand the tools and indicators properly.

The tools and indicators will help you to understand the market more precisely and identify whether to trade or not. Pro traders always pay attention to the tools and indicators while they do make any trade. So, if you want to become profitable and like the pro trader, you have to learn about the tools and indicators and try to use them properly in your trades.


Trying to improve in the trades is like a never-ending factor for the traders. Especially the pro traders try to improve their trading on a daily basis and they never stop learning about the market. Always try to improve your trading style according to the market condition so that you can survive in the long run. The best way you can improve is by keeping a trading journal. A trading journal will help you to identify the mistakes so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.


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