Susana de la Puente, an example of synergy between finance, innovation, and art

The world of finance and the art scene may seem like parallel universes, but in the life of Susana de la Puente Wiese, they come together in a unique and harmonious way. The renowned Peruvian investment banker, currently focused on the realm of start-ups and a fervent art lover, exemplifies how diverse spheres can intertwine to enrich both personal and professional trajectories.

De la Puente stood out as an investment banker in New York, where she is recognized for her role in transforming the Latin American financial landscape. She participated in the region’s most significant transactions since the 1990s, including privatizations across various sectors of the Latin American economy. Additionally, she has been involved in managing the largest and most strategic mergers and acquisitions of the last 30 years. Her acute understanding of markets and her ability to make strategic decisions and relate to business leaders in the region have led her to hold leadership positions in prominent financial firms worldwide.

Moreover, Susana de la Puente has always been deeply committed to high-impact social projects, particularly in the educational and cultural spheres, where she has been a founder and board member of several non-profit organizations. She was a founding partner and director of Futura Schools, an educational project aiming to offer a quality, bilingual education with high use of technology to Peru’s emerging middle class. She was also a director at LUMNI Peru, an organization dedicated to social welfare that manages investment funds aimed at financing higher education for young people in Peru, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and the United States.

However, in the last five years, instead of staying within her comfort zone, Susana de la Puente decided to broaden her horizons towards entrepreneurship and innovation. Currently residing in London, she combines her high-level executive role in major institutions with identifying, financing, and managing projects belonging to the “new economy.” With a particular emphasis on technology companies, De la Puente specializes in raising funds and developing investments in Europe for start-ups. Through the application of her vast financial knowledge gained from her extensive experience, De la Puente aims to drive the development of new technological solutions that can contribute to the social and economic progress of future generations.

Beyond her passion for business and finance, Susana de la Puente is an avid art lover. She possesses an extensive art collection that is as eclectic as it is sophisticated, in which you can find both classic masterpieces and other very contemporary ones by emerging young artists. Her interest in artworks is broad and diverse, covering various periods, styles, media, and themes, reflecting her curiosity and willingness to explore and experiment with new forms of expression, regardless of their geographic origin.

For De la Puente, art is not just an investment, but rather “a way of seeing life and a source of inspiration and constant renewal.” She sees parallels between the world of art and that of business; both require discipline, creativity, vision, and a willingness to take risks. The lessons learned in galleries are applied to her investments, where she seeks potential not only in numbers but also in innovation and creativity.

The knowledge acquired in the field of business and investments is effectively applied to her artistic side, creating a unique combination that allows her to work while nurturing her inner world and creativity. Additionally, she establishes connections between people who share her lifestyle and flow between the two worlds: the business and the artistic.

Susana de la Puente represents a link between the world of finance and art, between tradition and innovation. Her story reminds us that barriers between different disciplines can be permeable and that, in the end, everything is interconnected in the complex web of life. Her journey provides inspiration for all those who seek to chart their own path and make a difference in the areas they are passionate about.

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