Four Reasons Tampa is Great for Business

Reasons Tampa is great for business - three people talking 33If you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea for a startup or an owner of an existing business looking for a better location, you should consider Tampa, Florida. Tampa, and the Tampa Bay area, have much to offer businesses and their potential employees. The following are just a few of the reasons to give it serious consideration to be the place you turn your company’s vision into reality.

1. High Projected Job Growth

Tampa, Florida is expected to experience 42.7 percent job growth over the next 10 years. This is fairly impressive given that the average U.S. expected growth rate over this period is 33.5 percent. Throughout 2018, the Tampa Bay metro area accounted for the creation of 26,500 new jobs with a commensurate drop in the unemployment rate down to 2.9 percent. Current and projected growth trends are only fueling more job growth.

2. Favorable State Tax Climate

This benefit may not be exclusive to Tampa, but it does augment any other existing advantages of this city. As a business owner, you want every advantage you can get to keep your costs low. This is definitely affected by the state in which you choose to set up your business. This is even more important if you have a type of business where you are competing with companies in other states. Florida’s tax and regulatory environment make it easier to compete on a national scale.

In its “2020 State Business Tax Climate Index,” the Tax Foundation ranks Florida in their top ten best states. It’s specifically ranked number four on the list, and honestly, numbers one through three are states that are not exactly known for being bustling areas of growth that people are falling over each other to move to. These are Wyoming, South Dakota and Alaska.

3. Exciting Lifestyle for Prospective Employees

Tampa, Florida has a lot to offer that helps you attract good employees. No matter how much businesses located in most other parts of the country pay in salary or offer in perks, there are certain tangible benefits these areas simply lack. If you have a business located in Nebraska or Kansas, you may offer a good salary and nice perks, but your employees know they can’t jump in their car in the middle of winter and drive 20 minutes to a warm sandy beach on the weekend.

The warm weather and beaches are also only the beginning. There are all the amazing theme parks, aquariums, festivals, cultural events and the exciting nightlife that Tampa has to offer. This city offers a complete lifestyle that most other parts of the country can’t begin to rival. This will help you attract top talent to your business as well as give you endless recreational opportunities during your off hours from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

Reasons Tampa is great for business - map of Florida showing Tampa 334. It’s Widely Recognized as a Great Place to Be in Business

Recently, Tampa was named number five on a list of top large U.S. cities in which to start a business. This ranking is based on a number of criteria that include factors such as business costs, access to resources, variety of industries, job growth and five-year survival rate of companies in the city. More and more companies are recognizing that Florida offers a wonderful business environment as well as attractive attributes that are making an increasingly talented workforce move to the area.

Help in Relocating to Tampa, Florida

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