Tesla will begin taking orders for its solar roof panels next month

Tesla will begin taking orders for its solar roof panels next month. Orders, in this context, means ‘confirmed purchases.’

Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said via Twitter on Friday that the California-based tech giant company will begin taking orders next month.

The price of the tiles hasn’t been disclosed by Tesla yet.

Tesla’s solar tiles were unveiled last October of last year, days before shareholder’s voted on Tesla’s acquisition of the solar power company SolarCity.

Image source: Tesla Solar

Tesla has developed four roof tile styles: Tuscan glass, smooth glass, slate glass, and textured glass tiles.

The tiles are integrated into the roof of a house, making them invisible when viewed from the street, but fully exposed to the sun from above.

Since the product was unveiled last October the company has created a “waiting list” of consumers who might be interested in the product.

According to Tesla, production will begin in mid 2017.

In November, Musk said that the company’s new solar roof product will cost less to manufacture and install than a traditional roof, without including the savings from the power bill.

“Electricity,” Musk said, “is just a bonus.”

Nonetheless, the solar tiles are expected to be priced as premium products.