The Future of Instagram: Predictions and Trends for 2023

Keeping up with the changing trends and changes on Instagram is impossibly difficult. 

But if you want to stay ahead of the competition, adjusting your marketing strategies with these changing dynamics is critical.

Instagram is one such social platform that has been proactively working on new features and inspiring new trends for the past many years. 

This blog is all about the future of Instagram and how you can pivot as a brand to capitalize on these changing paradigms.

Let’s get started.

AI Is Here For Longterm

Artificial Intelligence is becoming popular with its increasing application in today’s digital economy. It is being used for improving ad performance, enhance the user experience, and making predictions based on user activities.

Brands are looking to target their intended audience with better options. Users are not liking the Instagram’s recent push for reels. TikTok enjoys much better engagement rates than Instgaram, so it has to come up with something unusual to compete with the popular musical app.

AI will not only help create better content it also allows to make the right decisions based on how users engage with your content. This is the very reason why TikTok has seen a phenominal success with the social media community.

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UGC Grows

User-generated-content is key to building rapport with the audience. Increased UGC shows that the users on Instagram considers you as authentic account and trust your voice.

Influencers can share compelling stories, show behind-the-scene shots, and drive the actions on their accounts. 90% users say that trust is a major factor that influences their decisions to make a purchase from specific brands.

A recent Shopify research shows that UGC-based ads get 4X better click-through rates and witness a 50% drop in the cost-per-click on average.

Influencer Marketing On The Rise

According to Statista, 72% of amrketers are planning to up their budget for influencer marketing campaigns in 2023. So, brands are looking for collaboration opportunities with the right opinion leadsers in a their niches to see a better ROI.

Successful influencer marketing campaigns, though, require prior planning, allocation of resources, training of marketing teams, and inking of launch objectives.

Besides this, content from influencers is being increasingly used for repurposing into social postings as well as the ad campaigns. So, to win the influencer game, content creators need to be aligning their posts and videos with their signature voice. It will attract the right brands for partnerships and will drive amazing results.

Video Grows In Popularity

Instagram seems to be targeting TikTok to gain the attention of a wider user base on social. TikTok is close to crossing 2 billion montrhly users mark. 

Instgaram upgraded the IGTV into reels and since then users are loving them. Seeing the promising response from the users and increasing engagement on reels,  Instagram will continue to push them across its platform.

According to a recent study, video content consumption has almost doubled in the last 4 years. People and brands are able to build highly engaged communities around specific topics and generating valuable discussions.

Advanced Targeting Options For Ads

Apple has imposed limitations for advertisers from accessing key data from Instagram and facebook. This poses a serious threat to the ROI advertisers could generate with their advertising campaigns.

In 2021, Facebook incurred a loss of $10 billion after Apple decided to implement privacy restrictions. Meta is looking to come over that obstacle in a drive to attract more advertisers to the platform.

As a company, they are looking into more ways to provide more personalized data to advertisers without having to depend on Apple’s data.

Creators Will Make More

With more people engaging enthusiastically with the influencer campaigns, creators will continue to make more money in 2023 and beyond. Instagram is the leading social platform for running successful influencer marketing campaigns and drive brands, outstanding results.

Content creators focus on growing their community, engage users, and make money using their authority. More budget is expected to be alloted to micro and nano infuencers, as small brands look to tap into this opportunity but don’t want to spend a lot.

It ahs been noticed that repeat campaigns with the same influencers continue to generate positive results. Following the first collaboration, a trust has been built and influencers can show off the best they have got in their bag.

TikTok Beats Instagram

Instagram started with IGTV in an effort to capitalize on the massive popularity of video content on social media. Despite all their efforts, users on Instagram were not a big fan of a new tab and video creation interface.

On the other hand, TikTok’s recommendation system is unbeatable so far. Users on TikTok spend the most time, on average, daily compared to any other social platform. 

Leading social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are modeling the TikTok model to use short-form vertical videos to attract and engage wider audiences on their platforms. TikTok is leading the race with its stunning recommendation algorithm that keeps users to scroll one video after another.

Instagram Competes Every Social network

Instagram has been known to copy popular content formats from other social platforms and use it to attract more and more users to its platform. 

Reels have been introduced to compete TikTok, Stories were modeled after snapchat, and now ‘nodes’ is here to compete Twitter.

Instagram seems to go all-in against every leading social network on the web. 

Twitter is in a state of chaos with half of its employees fired, the platform is in the beta testing phase, and company is witnessing mass resignations. 

Their recent updates and new features show that they want to become an ‘the-everything-app’ with capabilities to publish text, images, videos, stories, and more.

Instgaram has got a reserve of great human resource to mimic any app and adapt to their canging user needs. They can quickly pivot and can come up with better features providing much improved user experience.