The Synergy Between Big Data and AI

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Instead of being overwhelmed with information, the world has embraced big data. Parsing the endless amount of data requires intelligence that goes beyond the human level. AI is the answer, and it’s been working tirelessly for several years. AI (Artificial intelligence) refers to software technologies that make smart devices such as computers and robots think and behave like human beings.

Data Without AI

Before AI became a big part of data & analytics, the load was a lot less. Manual parsing of data goes back several decades, long before social media was the main focus of the internet. This was when data was harder to come by, and also before a true value was attached. Marketing used early social engineering techniques to market products and services. Advertising depended heavily on brand identity with hit or miss ad spots. Without AI to iron out the rough edges, data had a lot of missed opportunities in the early days of the internet. The best example of synergy between big data and AI is Google, now one of the biggest companies on the planet.

AI Controlled Data

AI controlled data was created to automate the most common routines of collecting and managing information. The internet is an infinite pit of data that can be as useful (or as useless) as you need it to be. Business analytics is a good starting point to see how big data and AI interact. The stock market is completely driven by AI supported data. AI accounts for over half of physical, data collection and data processing work in the investing. Operations that rely on accuracy can no longer depend solely on manual data entry. When a single misplaced digit can cost a company millions, the importance of AI comes front and center.

Another good example of AI controlled data is modern social media. When something is trending on the internet, it’s AI controlled data handling things behind the scene. This also applies when something is recommended to you like a product or a news story. It’s subtle but powerful driving force that enhances the user experience. Now imagine this a billion times over, with billions of different people interacting. With AI controlled data, there is always a market to collect and distribute new information.

Industry Dependence in The Future

AI will always have an endless supply of information to collect. That means it will continually learn and adapt to new situations. The only limitation is computational power, and in some cases internet connectivity. Even with these limitations, data is in high demand. The only way to efficiently manage it is through AI that scales more with software rather than hardware. Companies are already preparing for this change, and what was once a computational theory is now becoming a reality. This creates convenience for consumers, and businesses that can point and click on their customer base.

A Lot to Take In

AI needs to continue scaling with the massive growth of big data. There is a high demand for data, and it powers several important industries around the world. If a company wants to find a future in big data, then AI has to be the centerpiece that brings it all together.

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