Thousands of climate change activists protest in Manhattan

Following the climate change protest, 1,000 activists blocked parts of New York’s financial district to send a message to the corporate world about their role in climate change.

The demonstration was planned as a sequel to the one carried out on Sunday, with protestors risking arrest by blocking traffic in the financial center of the US.

More than 100 people were arrested for disorderly conduct because of the protest as they refused to stop blocking traffic around Broadway.

There was a clash with officers as demonstrators pushed past barricades set up by the police.

One urban farmer from Ohio said that he had decided not to attend the march of Sunday and would rather focus on directing the blame to the financial system, which he claims is the source of the problem, as it allows environmental destruction for the well being of companies in the energy industry.

Police say that the demonstrators did not have a permit for the rally to disrupt the country’s main financial district.

According to Fox News, a New Orleans environmental activist who was wearing a superhero outfit and green wig said that “if you’re willing to risk arrest, it certainly demonstrates that it’s something very urgent.”

There was a heavy police presence at the scene, where people demonstrated at the bull statue, near the home of the New York Stock Exchange. Officers managed to eventually calm the situation.