TipRanks Review

If you’re aiming to emulate top investors, understanding their investment strategies is essential. This is where TipRanks comes into the picture. But is TipRanks truly as effective as it’s perceived to be? In this TipRanks review, we’ll thoroughly explore the platform, providing a comprehensive understanding of its features and capabilities, so you can determine if it’s the right tool for your investment journey.

What Is TipRanks?

TipRanks is a detailed research tool designed to assist in identifying the most promising financial assets for investment and the optimal times to invest in them. It consolidates all necessary information for making informed investment decisions in the financial market.

This includes up-to-date news on various assets, insights into assets that are attractively priced or underperforming, and the investment choices of leading financial analysts. With the wealth of information provided by TipRanks, you gain a deeper understanding of the stock market’s dynamics, enabling you to strategically buy and sell assets to fulfill your investment objectives.

Features of TipRanks

  • Stock Screener: This tool provides details on earnings, dividends, and performance of over 7,000 stocks. While generally free, its advanced features, including 18 different filters and TipRanks’ own sentiments about certain stocks, are reserved for premium subscribers. These premium users also have access to future performance forecasts and top-rated analysts’ consensus on these stocks, presented in easy-to-understand pie charts.
  • ETF Screener: This screener enables users to search and compare various exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on factors like price, price targets, and inclusion in portfolio holdings, among others. Designed for ease of use, TipRanks initially displays basic filters, allowing users to progressively explore more advanced options. It’s also a valuable tool for discovering less-known ETFs with the potential for high profits.
  • Technical Analysis Screener: This screener provides data on more than 200 stocks, revealing their total market value and the consensus of top analysts on their performance. It helps users identify stocks that are best to buy, sell, or hold on a daily and weekly basis. For specific stocks, users can search using the stock’s ticker to obtain all the necessary information.
  • Penny Stock Screener: This screener is ideal for those new to investing, focusing on stocks valued at $10 or less per share. Its lack of filters is complemented by regular updates from TipRanks on the top-performing penny stocks, earnings releases, and other important details.
  • Daily Insider Rating Tracker: This feature offers insights beyond what’s publicly visible in stock markets. It tracks insider opinions on various stocks, indicating whether they recommend buying, selling, or holding. Updated daily, the tracker becomes even more informative for premium users, revealing the extent of insiders’ own stock transactions.
  • Calendars: TipRanks provides several calendars to keep investors informed about current happenings in the stock market. For example, the dividends calendar tracks the performance of different stocks’ dividends over time, while the IPO calendar alerts users to upcoming public stock offerings by private companies. Additionally, a market holiday calendar is available to help prepare for days when the stock market is closed.
  • Calculators: These tools add significant value to the TipRanks experience. They include calculators for dividends, dividend yields, options profits, and even monthly payments for loans like student, mortgage, and auto. These calculators are user-friendly, requiring only the necessary inputs to provide results.
  • Smart Portfolio: This feature allows users to manage and monitor their investment holdings, tracking their performance. It enables comparison with average and top investors on TipRanks, helping to identify personal trading strengths and weaknesses. Premium users can manage up to six portfolios on TipRanks.

Is TipRanks Worth It?

TipRanks is highly beneficial for a wide range of investors, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Its design caters to all users, whether accessing it for free or through a premium subscription. The platform includes educational resources alongside each feature, enhancing user understanding and effectiveness. A glossary of terms is also available to help clarify complex investment concepts. Users receive email alerts about new trade ideas, and there’s the convenience of exporting data in both PDF and CSV formats. 

For premium subscribers, there are additional advantages such as exclusive invites to educational webinars, early access to new features, the opportunity to attend live stock market breakdowns on Mondays, and an ad-free experience on the platform. All of these factors contribute to making TipRanks a highly recommended choice for anyone interested in investing.

How Does TipRanks Compare to Its Competitors?

In this part of our TipRanks review, we’ll briefly compare TipRanks with its alternatives to gauge its relative standing. 

  • TipRanks vs. Morningstar: While TipRanks equips you with tools for manual stock research, Morningstar leans on its editorial team to research and present findings in an easily digestible format. Morningstar’s insights are shared through newsletters, podcasts, magazine issues, and articles, catering to a wide audience including financial advisors, investors, and managers.
  • TipRanks vs. Motley Fool: Motley Fool specializes in long-term stock investment guidance (typically over 5 years). Unlike the more flexible and frequent updates of TipRanks, Motley Fool’s analysts focus on the performance of specific stocks, offering monthly stock recommendations and regularly published articles suggesting top stocks to buy.
  • TipRanks vs. Seeking Alpha: Both platforms are similar in providing financial asset screeners and insights, but TipRanks offers a broader range of educational resources. This makes it potentially more suitable for beginners, as it guides them in making informed investment decisions. Seeking Alpha, on the other hand, offers special insights known as Seeking Alpha Picks, aimed at helping users construct profitable portfolios.

TipRanks Reviews & Ratings Online

Based on the 4.8 stars out of 5 rating that TipRanks has on Trustpilot, it’s clear that almost every user who has submitted a TipRanks review has been pleased with the quality of services the platform offers.

One of them said, “I am a new investor and have found Tip Ranks was a great platform to find Gem stocks and ETF. The interface is user friendly and easy to use. I have been using the Stocks and ETF Compare Tools, including the Dividends Calculator to review my return Dividend Yield and amount of Investment.”

Another new user shared, “I have enjoyed using Tipranks since I started using it a couple of weeks ago. It is very user-friendly and even with the free version it provides a wealth of information that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. If you are serious about researching stocks and making smart decisions based on your portfolio, this is certainly a good contender for your attention.”

TipRanks Review: Final Verdict

TipRanks has garnered widespread respect for its exceptional tools and resources aimed at enhancing investment strategies. With its timely updates on market trends, TipRanks positions you to stay ahead in the dynamic world of investing. Click here to join TipRanks for free.