Expert Tips for Acing Your Regents Exams

Regent exams imageRegent exams are compulsory for you to qualify for various diploma awards in New York public schools. The exams are composed three years before the year of testing by a group of teachers who have mastered the subjects and have acquired the crucial skills in their designated subject areas. Every exam is administered on a particular date at the stipulated time outlined on the exam booklet.

Regents Requirements

Regent exams are fundamental to those aspiring to get diplomas in the respective areas of their choice. For instance, to qualify for a diploma, you must attain a score of a least 65 in your regent exam and 90 for an advanced Regents honorary diploma. The good thing is there is no limitation on the number of times a student can take these courses to do well. Since the Regent exams are crucial when it comes to the admission of students to pursue various diplomas, then students need to do well on them to enhance the possibilities of a student in qualifying for these diplomas. Most students are looking for ways to help them attain higher scores to meet the requirements of the advanced diplomas.

Doing well in this exam is not as easy as many think, because there are several subjects tested in this exam. Some of these subjects include Social Studies, English, Science as well as foreign languages. So, doing well in this exam requires that you be organized, have a study plan, do many practice tests, and also that you study thoroughly.

Tip #1 – Study Daily

This is where most students make mistakes as they try to cram during the last days before the exam. The best approach is to begin your studies once you have learned of the test dates, and you should also draft study deadlines for yourself. In most cases, it’s advisable to start with the materials taught at the start of the year, because there is a greater likelihood of forgetting what you learned during that time as you move on to other material.

Start your Regents test prep at least one month before the actual exams. You can also think of acquiring a practice Regents book and set the number of questions you have to complete before you sleep. When studying, you should not neglect the importance of breaks as they will help you to relax your mind.

Tip #2 – Practice With Past Tests

Regents prep study guides are not quite enough for your study prep, but they are very crucial in helping students to prepare for the other standardized tests like SAT so it is easy not to know that you should be doing more. Practice exams offer essential opportunities when it comes to test-taking strategies. The good thing with past tests is that they are not hard to find because all you have to do is to visit the NYSED website or any Regents tutoring program.

Tip #3 Find A Tutor

Always ensure to attend extra Regents prep classes in school. Teachers play a significant role as they will frequently look at the practice tests and any other revision material in class and suggest the tips to aid you in doing your best. They are also well-informed about the learning standards that are being tested and will be in a position to help you to focus on your efforts.

Tip #4 – Enroll In A Test Prep Program

Some students hire the services of a tutor to gain additional materials as well as the required expertise. The good thing with hiring a tutor is that they will help you to review the course for every subject. The tutor will also equip you with skills on how to answer questions when taking your test, help you with practice questions, as well as the review materials. The tutor may also advise you on what to do when it comes to Regents test prep to have a chance of doing well on your exams.