Why Tom Chang MD Was Named One Of LA Magazine’s Top Doctors

Dedicated to the heartbeat of the city, Los Angeles Magazine is a premiere source for guidance. It has always been a beacon for visitors looking to avoid tourist traps as well as serving as a trusted guide for local residents. The magazine’s annual Top Doctors List highlights the most highly-regarded medical experts within the community. It honors those who have committed their professional trajectory to positive patient outcomes, going one step further to ensure the wellness, happiness, and success of their fellow Angelenos. In 2020, Acuity Eye Group’s Tom Chang MD was placed on this coveted list. The highly-respected Ophthalmologist has devoted his career to forwarding the possibilities in eye care, and helping Californians maintain ocular wellness for years.

Tom Chang MD’s Background

Prior to forming what would become a thorough multi-location Ophthalmology practice, Tom Chang MD received his MD from the University of Toronto Medical School. The fledgling Ophthalmologist completed his residency training via the University of Western Ontario. He completed three Fellowships pertaining to retinal diseases, further propelling his interest in this specialty. Tom Chang MD completed an Ophthalmic Pathology Fellowship at Johns Hopkins University’s Wilmer Eye Institute, a Macular Disease Fellowship at the University of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, and a Vitreoretinal Surgery Fellowship at Emory University.

After shaping young minds as a Professor throughout his early career, Tom Chang MD founded the Retina Institute of California (RIC) in 2005. To date, RIC doctors have performed the most sub-retinal stem cell surgeries in the world. Spearheading this innovative procedure, Tom Chang MD was a member of the groundbreaking team that performed the first surgical implantation of stem cell treatment. This new tactic for tackling dry Macular Degeneration was a collaborative effort with the Johnson & Johnson Stem Cell Organization.

Committed to advancing the broad field of Ophthalmology, Tom Chang MD lends his insight via various formats. He has given over 120 thought-provoking lectures, and has written over 50 peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Lending integral knowledge and experience, he serves on the scientific advisory board of various companies. In addition, he has also served as the team Ophthalmologist for the Vancouver Grizzlies.

Spearheading Acuity Eye Group

Tom Chang MD created Acuity Eye Group with a vision to streamline Ophthalmic practice operations. He saw the value in creating a network of highly-ranked Ophthalmology practices working in tandem. As an Ophthalmic Medical Support Organization, the company acquires strong medical practices that want to benefit from the business support offered by the group. This “strength in numbers” mantra passes down several benefits to patients. It allows patients to easily see various targeted Specialists within a single network, eliminates the hassle of extensive paperwork, and creates a cohesive and caring experience for all patients, maximizing overall patient success and satisfaction. 

This cohesive approach to specialized ocular care ensures that patients receive the most well-rounded care for a myriad of concerns from a group of leading doctors who work in tandem. For example, most patients see an Optometrist for an annual eye examination. If there are any abnormalities or highlighted by this exam, the patient is referred to an Ophthalmologist, or to a Specialist in a specific realm of Ophthalmology. If surgical intervention is required, the patient may be referred to a Surgical Specialist. This chain-of-care is often easily disrupted with so many various parties involved. It can lead to potential frustration, paperwork, and extra disruption for patients. At Acuity Eye Group, the entire breadth of care is handled seamlessly, as these Specialists remain under the singular umbrella of the group. 

Tom Chang MD Growing His Vision

Acuity Eye Group’s Clinical Leadership team is composed of 21 leading Physicians, including Tom Chang MD. Together, these industry leaders drive the clinical culture of the group. These experts maintain a commitment to perfecting the patient experience. They work to grow the group into the largest network of integrated Ophthalmic Service Clinics in the country.

The medical experts at Acuity Eye Group, spearheaded by Tom Chang MD, work to proactively educate patients. With the notion that eye care isn’t limited to only individuals with poor vision, these leaders encourage patients to proactively engage in activities to bolster overall ocular wellness. They provide patient awareness resources, comprehensive wellness strategies, and extensive communication platforms for instant patient accessibility. This commitment to overall wellness sets Tom Chang MD and Acuity Eye Group from other medical providers. 

Dr Chang is spearheading efforts to making Acuity Eye Group the most technologically advanced medical group in the county.  Dr Chang is working on machine learning/Artificial Intelligence software technologies to assist in everything from assisting doctors with medical decision making to improving the flow through the clinic so wait times are reduced.  “ I hate to wait so it pains me to have patients wait” Dr Chang states frequently.

Undoubtedly, it has played an integral role in the swift and successful growth of Acuity Eye Group, now a multi-location leading provider of Ophthalmic services in California. This commitment and genuine care is also undoubtedly a large contributing factor to Los Angeles Magazine’s touting of Tom Chang MD as one of 2020’s Leading Doctors. It is a distinction that highlights the growth and importance of Ophthalmology as a medical field, and Dr. Chang’s commitment to forwarding the field, one patient at a time.

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