Top 10 Healthcare Outsourcing Service Providers

Healthcare organizations are crucial, especially in today’s uncertain times, because they maintain a standard of well-being in communities around the world. Many of these healthcare companies are often overburdened and understaffed, with healthcare professionals having to work double shifts, manage billing, take care of all the paperwork, and more. This can impact the quality of care provided to the patients negatively. The best solution that healthcare organizations have started to adopt is outsourcing some of their processes. 

Healthcare IT services assist healthcare organizations with all their needs that can be outsourced. They can offer multiple services to ease the load on the healthcare professionals so that they can focus on their main job at hand. Some of the services they can optimize and manage include the procurement of medicines, equipment and all necessary equipment and handling the logistics, automate processes, manage revenue cycles, and more. Similarly, other processes can get outsourced as well, making the job of the healthcare provider a lot easier. 

The quality of care improves, and the healthcare company generates more revenue, operates more efficiently, and can rise to become one of the top healthcare companies around the world. Some of the best healthcare outsourcing service providers are discussed below.

Invensis Technologies

Invensis is a leading firm that offers many outsourcing services to healthcare organizations that help with the overall administration optimization process for the clinics, hospitals, and more. They manage multiple factors of the revenue cycle such as appointment scheduling, billing and more. Some of the revenue cycle management services provided by Invensis include:

  • Medical billing and collection
  • Medical records indexing
  • Medical data entry services
  • Patient registration
  • Eligibility verification
  • Claims submission and generation
  • Insurance follow-up
  • Patient follow-up
  • Credit balances

Orthus Health

Orthus Health is a wellness and condition management platform that healthcare organizations use in order to assist them with improving the overall care they provide to their patients. Since their inception they have managed to serve over 500,000 customers and help them meet their goals. They offer three main outsourcing services, which are:

  • Wellness platform
  • Diabetes management
  • Health coaching

Accretive Health 

Accretive Health is another revenue cycle management provider that provides end-to-end solutions for healthcare organizations. It is mainly used by hospitals and large clinics, and it is known for increasing revenue payments. This is done by reducing the overhead operational costs of the healthcare organization, enhancing the patient’s financial status and managing revenue flow at the organization.

3M Healthcare Information Systems

3M Healthcare Information Systems is mainly used by healthcare organizations to manage their compliance regulations, minimize risks and improve their reimbursement rates. The service provider also provides revenue cycle management services, but it is mostly known for the compliance management services and 3M Finder, which is their Outpatient Prospective Payment System.

Billing Blues

Billing Blues has been offering revenue cycle management services for more than 14 years and is an organization that is primarily used for medical billing and medical coding. The organization caters to healthcare organizations across the US only, and caters to hospitals and clinics that provide multi-specialty services as well as physicians and clinics.

Medical Accounting Services Ltd

Medical Accounting Services Ltd is an outsourcing agency that assists healthcare organizations with their medical billing. The company is also known for offering credit control systems and invoice collection for all outstanding payments. The organization has trained professionals whose main goal is to eliminate loss of revenue and uphold the profit margin.


As the name of the company suggests, MedSecretary offers more than just revenue cycle management services. The organization also handles all the administration work such as patient management, data entry, and storage of medical records of each patient. Some of the other services provided by MedSecretary include:

  • Medical billing
  • Debt chasing
  • Practice management
  • Medical reporting
  • Transcription services

QWay Health

QWay Health is a revenue cycle management company that has three main standards it upholds with its services: Quality, Quantity and Quicker. It handles flow of payments easily and provides scalable solutions as per the healthcare organization’s needs. QWay Health has been operational for more than ten years and also provides expansion plans based on their client’s needs.

Anesthetic & Medical Billing Services Pvt. Ltd

Anesthetic & Medical Billing Services Pvt. Ltd has been offering personalized billing services to healthcare organizations, clinics, and physicians for more than a decade in Australia. The company’s clientele mainly includes specialists such as assistant surgeons, surgeons and anesthetists. The company is known for increasing the speed of reimbursements and reducing denials.

Patient Billing

Patient Billing is a patient-centric organization that is focused on registering claims at the healthcare organization in a timely and accurate manner. They offer an electronic platform to upload all the necessary documents in order to submit claims and make payments. The superior technology used by Patient Billing helps healthcare professionals optimize their regular flow of revenue and reduce the chances of delays or disturbances.

Final Thoughts

The best way to manage a healthcare organization and ensure that it is a successful venture is by focusing on the quality of products and equipment that the healthcare professionals are using, as well as the quality of care they are providing. This can be done when the healthcare professionals have a balanced and healthy work environment. 

Overburdening healthcare professionals with unnecessary tasks that can be easily automated or outsourced puts added mental and physical strain on them which leads to burnout and results in unsatisfactory treatments. This is why healthcare organizations should take the readily available help in the form of outsourcing and automation and focus on optimizing their services.

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