Top 4 New Apps That Are Worth Having

According to Google Play, an average of 1,664 new apps are released daily, and that’s for Android alone. Add new apps from platforms like iOS, and it’s almost impossible to track. Fortunately, this article can be your guide for finding a few excellent options in the massive amount of apps released daily. Below are four top new apps for both Android and iOS you can download. 

Google Art Selfie 2 

Google Art Selfie is not new, but it’s back with a twist. It’s all part of the Google Arts & Culture app and has some cool AI features users love. Art Selfie 2 lets you take a selfie and enhance it with 25 different art styles inspired by legends like Monet and Vermeer. Along with making you look like a masterpiece, it’s also a great educational tool. Each selfie comes with a little info card giving you the details on the art style, the artist, and the era it came from. So not only do you get to play around, but you might learn something, too. 

Microsoft Copilot 

Microsoft Copilot is a cool free app that’s powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 models. You can think of it as your personal assistant but with a high-tech twist. If you need help drafting an email or writing some code, Copilot will come in handy. Plus, you can ask questions and get some pretty solid answers. There is no need to sign in for text queries, but if you want to save images, you’ll need a Microsoft account. Although the answers sometimes take a second, they’re totally worth it. It’s like having a genius friend in your pocket wherever you need it. 

Opera Touch 

Opera might not be the first browser that comes to mind when you’re searching for some, but it’s making a comeback with its new mobile experience. Imagine instant search with QR and barcode scanning, sending stuff to your computer with Flow, and super smooth tab management. That’s what this app offers you. Also, the Fast Action button and interface make it simpler to use with just one hand. 

Pocket Casts 

Pocket Casts has been around for a long time, but has recently gotten a major makeover. The app is updated with a slick new design that’s super easy on the eyes, plus some cool new features like playing without subscribing, episode search, and syncing up the next episodes. Whether you’re a podcast pro or a newbie, this app is a game-changer. Once you try, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner.

These four top new apps are worth knowing about, depending on what you’re looking for. Knowing more about them can help you use them fully so you can enjoy the maximum benefits. If you have an idea or concept you believe can be a big hit in the app marketplace, you can reach out to Integral App Studio to bring your idea to life. 

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