Top 5 Animal Games

Who doesn’t love animals? Charming and often funny, they often become the main characters of books, cartoons and computer games. At Game Karma you will find the most popular animal games that will surely appeal to both children and adults.

3 Pandas In Japan

As the name implies, players are waiting for the exciting adventures of pandas in Japan. Users are asked to control three animals that have been captured and brought to the Tokyo Zoo. However, they are not going to just give up and arrange an escape. But what are pandas to do in one of the world’s most dynamic metropolitan areas?

The main goal of the player is to help the pandas return home. However, this is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Remember that you need to control three heroes at the same time. They cannot function without each other.

The difficulty of the game increases as you progress through the levels. You will face different tasks from overcoming obstacles to completing complex multi-part quests.

Cat Rolling

What could be cuter than a tumbling cat? From this game you should not expect an intriguing plot or difficult tasks. All the user needs is to successfully lead the cat from the beginning of the level to the finish point.

On the way, the protagonist encounters bonus stars and the cherished key to the door. It must be obtained if you want to go to the next level.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the game is enjoyed by users of all ages. Thanks to nice graphics, simplicity and ease of management, it will brighten up more than one of your evenings.

Duck Challenge

A simple, bright and fun game that makes users train their reaction speed and accuracy. You are invited to shoot at moving targets, which are yellow ducks.

It is important to remember that the scoring system has its own characteristics. If you hit the yellow target, you get the coveted points. But when hitting red targets, on the contrary, points are taken away. Be vigilant and do not rush to shoot at the first object that comes across!

Penguin Avoids

The main character of this game is a funny penguin. The user needs to help him overcome the location. But you can control only the direction of the hero’s movement, all other actions are beyond the control of the players.

Along the way, the penguin encounters stars that need to be collected. But sharp objects are best avoided if you don’t want to leave the game ahead of time.

There are no complex mechanics or branching storylines in this game. But the simplicity and cartoony graphics have made it one of the most popular projects on the Internet.

The Running Sheep

Sheep Simulator is an original but addictive game for kids and adults. Here you need to guide the animal through the level so that it does not suffer from branches, stones, traps and other obstacles.

You can only change the direction of the sheep. The player is not able to influence the speed of the animal or stop it during the passage of the level.

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