Top 5 Best AI Video Enhancer Online to Upscale Videos to 4K

We are living in a fast-paced world where AI is reshaping everything. Fortunately, AI has also enhanced the experience of improving your old pictures and refreshing your memories. With the help of an AI video generator online, you can now enhance the memories captured in low-quality, old videos. These AI video editing software utilize powerful AI features to refine and upscale your videos to 4K.

So, if you also want to improve your video quality and upscale videos to 4k, then it is essential to use the best AI video enhancer online. 

What is a 4K Video Enhancer?

A 4k video enhancer is an online tool that helps you to upscale your video quality to 4k using AI. These tools typically use different AI techniques, including computer vision, neural networks, deep learning, NLPs, etc. All these techniques help a 4k video enhancer to analyze your videos and upscale them properly. These tools can recognize your video content and adjust its parameters accordingly. 

There are multiple reasons why you need to use a 4k video enhancer. These usually include improving your video quality and making them appear to be of higher resolution. 

Video technology has dramatically improved over time. The videos you captured earlier might not be as clear as the memories captured at present. You can use a video enhancer to refresh and improve your captured memories. 

Top 5 Best AI Video Enhancer 

Fortunately, there are a variety of tools available for this purpose. However, here we have enlisted 5 best AI video enhancer online options only to make things easier for you. Here is a detailed overview of top best AI video enhancer you must know. 

So, here we go:

1. HitPaw Online Video Enhancer

HitPaw online video enhancer is the top tool in our list, which comes with rich features’ set to upscale your videos instantly. When it comes to the HitPaw Online Video Enhancer, there is nothing you can’t achieve with this amazing tool. 

The tool is here to offer the smoothest user experience and allows you to upscale videos instantly. Using HitPaw to enhance video is a breeze. You just need to upload a video, choose AI mode, and simply download your upscaled video. 

Key features

  • The deep learning feature of HitPaw allows you to add a realistic and natural touch to your content. 
  • You can also use its animation model to improve the quality of your animation videos.
  • HitPaw also allows you to colorize and improve human face details effectively. 
  • You can also enjoy a pro noise reduction feature to remove unwanted fuzziness from videos.  


  • Batch enhancement allows you to upscale multiple videos simultaneously. 
  • It supports captured footage from multiple devices. 


It offers limited features in its trial version. 


A trial version is available, but the pro version starts from $ 0.80 / Day per month. 


Here, we have another video upscaler in our list, i.e.,, which can let you enhance your videos to 4k. It will let you to upscale videos without damaging its quality. You can use this AI-powered video upscaler is quite easier to use to correct shaky, blurry, and low-quality videos. 

Key Features 

  • These AI tools feature advanced AI algos to upscale your video in 2x and 4x resolution. 
  • The tool is quite easy to use. By clicking just one button, you can have upscaled video. 
  • It supports multiple video formats and keeps your video content the same during upscaling. 


  • It offers fast and efficient processing speed. 
  • offers an immersive video enhancement experience. 


The UI of can be improved. 


The price starts from $9.9 to upscale a 5-minute video. 

3. TensorPix

TensorPix is another popular video quality enhancer that can let you improve your low-quality videos. It allows you to enjoy your low-quality videos in 4k quality. This user-friendly video upscaler uses AI to enhance your videos and remove blurry and low-quality details. 

Key Features 

  • TensorPix will let you enhance hundreds of videos at once faster than you think. 
  • It offers multiple AI filters to choose from, which will let you enhance video quality and reduce noise from blurry videos. 


  • This video quality enhancer is 100% online, so you don’t need to download anything. 
  • TensorPix ensures fast enhancement of videos. 


It doesn’t offer 24/7 technical support for users. 


The free version is available, but the pro plan starts from €11 per month. 

4. Flixier

Flixier is another cloud-based video enhancer that can accelerate your video editing dramatically. It offers various features for advanced users. Whether you want to create high-quality marketing videos or need to enhance your videos’ content quality, Flixier can let you do it all. 

Key Features 

  • Flixier features a clean and intuitive user interface, which is quite easy to navigate. 
  • It also offers video editing features to elevate your video creation experience. 
  • Flixier loop features help you create and enhance longer looped videos and GIFs more easily. 


  • Flixier offers amazing performance to its users. 
  • You can adjust the contrast, brightness, and sharpness of your video for more amazing results. 


The free plan supports video enhancement for a specific length only. 


The free version is available, while the pro plan starts from $ 7 per month. 


This video quality enhancer is here to make professional-quality videos easier. You can record, enhance, and share videos online using this tool. It also offers access to stock video content to generate your content. It offers a clean interface that makes enhancing video quality easier. 

Key Features 

  • This video enhancer offers a complete suit for video upscaling and editing straight from the browser. 
  • It allows you a library of templates and stock media to create stunning videos. 


  • This video quality enhancer offers an easy-to-use interface. 
  • The tool is pretty responsive. 


Uploading media isn’t smooth. 


The free version is available; however, the pro version starts from $12 Per user per month. 


So, that’s all for our best AI video enhancer online today. Here, you can certainly have a look at the overview of the best video enhancers. However, HitPaw is the leading solution to consider here. It comes with amazing features and allows you to upscale videos to 4k within no time. So, you must give it a try to enjoy improved video quality in the best possible way.

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