Top 5 Tips for Front-load Washer Maintenance

People love using front-load washing machines for everyday washing needs. These tools offer convenience with considerable water and electricity savings. But sometimes we notice that dust, fibers, and dirt don’t go away even after washing clothes with a quality machine. This is an indication that the washing machine needs proper maintenance. 

Keeping your washer clean and maintained is necessary to get thoroughly cleaned clothes with a long lifespan. You can follow some simple front-load washer maintenance tips to ensure the efficiency of your machine. 

Importance of Cleaning the Washing Machine Regularly

Washing machines are warm and humid environments by design. It offers a breeding place for bacterial growth. Also, the chemicals from detergent or soap residue can get trapped inside your machine and forms a thin film that harbors bacteria. Bacteria can then clog the internal operations of the machine, and the detergent can’t produce its effect. 

Lingering detergent forms a film that can trap odor particles. As a result, your washer may smell stinky, affecting your clothes. Therefore, regular cleaning is a vital part of front-load washer maintenance. 


Two FAQs about Washing Machine Maintenance

  • Can I clean my washer with vinegar and baking soda?

If you have no professional washer cleaning chemicals on hand, it’s a good way to clean your washer with baking soda and vinegar. After the washing cycle ends, sprinkle some baking soda directly into the washer’s drum and run it on the highest and hottest settings. Also, a hot cycle with white vinegar can do a wonderful trick for cleaning a washing machine. However, it is always better if you have professional cleaning agents.

  • How to clean the front-loader washing machine’s rubber seal?

Locate the rubber seal and spray half the apple cider vinegar solution and half the water on it. Allow this particular solution to settle for 2-3 minutes. After that, just scrub it off with a dish scrub brush or washcloth. Also, you can use the cotton pad and white vinegar to scrub around the seal and remove grime. After that, run the empty washer to remove any vinegar leftovers before putting the clothes in the machine.

Tips for Front-load Washer Maintenance

Some machines have a self-cleaning option, but others don’t. However, some small changes in your laundry habits can do a lot for front-load washer maintenance. These measures can be economical and enhance your machine’s life. 

Here’re the top 5 tips you can try for effective front-load washer maintenance.

  • Clean the appearance

If you want to maintain your machine’s original finish and gloss for a long time, always use a glass cleaner to wipe the top and edges of your machine. Do not leave your machine open when you are not using it. Moreover, avoid placing heavy objects on the top to prevent any scratches.

  • Clean the chemicals dispensers

Clean the detergent container regularly and thoroughly for front-load washer maintenance. If left unwashed, these compartments become home to many harmful micro-organisms and develop a filthy texture. Also, toxic chemicals accumulate in these dispensers, which affects washing quality. Wash your clothes, ensuring hygienic conditions, and wash your chemical dispensers carefully.

  • Check the hoses

Regularly check your machine’s water inlet and drain pipe to ensure a smooth water flow. Examine them for accumulated minerals and cracks, if any. Just use white vinegar to clean the hoses of your machine monthly. Pour the vinegar into the chemical dispenser and go for a hot wash to guarantee a quality wash.

  • Clean the filter

Clean the lint filter regularly for efficient front-load washer maintenance. If left uncleaned, it overflows after some time and fails to capture more scrap. This uncollected dirt might stick to clothes or machines. As a result, it may reduce the span of the machine and washing quality.

  • Let the door open

Leave your machine open for about 30 minutes after use. Ensure that it is completely dry before closing it. It facilitates in prevention of the growth of fungi and bacteria and shields fragile parts of the machine from moisture. You can obliterate moisture by cleaning the inside with a towel 30 minutes after use.

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