Top Academic Programs to Pursue in 2020

Education, in general, has changed the world today. It has helped up in shaping not only perspectives but many opinions as well. The field of education has become very diverse and newer academic programs have paved the way for many people to pursue career paths that they might have not thought of years ago.

Top academic programs to pursue in 2020 - image for article 43As time is progressing more fields are opening and people are opting to do things that they both like and are passionate for. Whether you are a science fanatic or an art lover, there are so many fields that can open many doors for you. Here are the top academic programs that you can pursue in 2020.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

An MBA is one academic program that truly benefits everyone. It can teach all the basic skills that you need in the world of business to cope with the dynamics. Business and organization all around the globe move quickly and in order to adapt to these frequent changes, a solid master’s in Business Administration can fully equip you to deal with everything.

It can help by making you competitive and teaching the skills that can make you thrive in the business world. The great thing about this academic program is that you can also choose to do an online MBA program that you can do at your own pace. A program like this can truly give you an insight into how the business world operates in. If you are an enthusiastic business-minded individual then an MBA is an academic program that is a complete package.

Master’s In Computer Sciences

Computers and technology are the future of the world. The speed at which technology has changed the things around us is actually astounding. An academic program, that has a very bright future in all aspects has to be computer sciences. This is one program that plays with the distinct fields of computer technology and branches out to Information Technology, artificial technology, data sciences, multimedia gaming and so much more.

You can pick and choose any branch that you want to delve into and truly make your mark on it with your hard work. The field of computer science is one area that is going to keep on growing and evolving. There can never be a time when this academic program may falter or slow down.

The demand and need for exploring newer things has made it one of the most significant fields of all time. From Government offices to global organizations, everyone requires to have some computer geniuses on their panel.

Bachelors In Interior Designing

This is one of the most budding fields for people who are creative and very passionate about settings. In 2020, interior design is one academic program that will surely prosper and grow for many years to come. It can help you in honing your skills and make you well prepared for having that creative edge that you need when you design places.

The Interior Design Course, on the whole, is quite a lot. From working on homes to hotels or offices you can have a greater creative approach in tackling newer opportunities. An academic program in interior designing can help many young designers to gain focus and clarity that they might need to perfect their skill. An interior designer is the brain behind an aesthetically appealing place that you might see.

Nursing Programs

Nursing is still deemed as one of the noble professions in the world today. The amazing part is that the nursing profession never gets old and it has been an academic program that has been the number one choice for many individuals.

The benefit of nursing programs is that you can pick and choose whatever type of nursing program works best for you according to your needs. Another great thing about nursing is that is has a steady employment rate and overall this is one job that has some sort of job security in the feeble job pool today.

As much as new people are born everyday, older people are also getting sick at the same rate so the demand curve of nurses is always on the rise no matter what country it is.

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

Getting a bachelor’s degree has become a must for every individual. It is almost always a prerequisite for any type of job that you apply for.

One type of bachelors that is beneficial in every way is electrical engineering. I know engineering is quite hard but trust me, you can reap the benefits of it for a long long time. Even though it might not be an easy college major but the potential for this type of an academic program is very high.

It is a degree that can be completed within four years and comes along with many new opportunities. This degree can equip you with many competencies of the electrical engineering filed. The reason that this program is gaining momentum in 2020 is the fact that electrical engineers can find employment opportunities all over the world. The rom for growth in this area is also pretty massive.


Therapy of all kinds has become a necessity in the world we live in today. Many things like anxiety and external pressures cause great amounts of misbalance amongst people. In 2020 the field of therapy is booming as the requirement of people needing therapy has increased tremendously.

There are various branches of therapy that you can work around and take as an academic program too. From physical therapy to sports therapy, you can venture out in the field of therapy in whatever area that you like and want to work on.

There are various levels of therapy programs that range from bachelors, masters and doctorate that you can do according to your level of interest and desire. This is one academic program that is required by many and also one of the most interesting ones at it helps you in understanding the human brain better.


In the present era, many new academic programs have come forward and have changed how people are picking and choosing their education field. The above mentioned academic programs are a steady choice for the year 2020 as it takes all the elements of the progressing year into account. Whatever path you choose just make sure that you are passionate about it.


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