Top 10 Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2020

Portable dry herb vaporizers are personalized small devices produced for vaporizing marijuana or legal high CBD strains. They feature either preset or adjustable temperatures. It carries an internal oven that heats cannabis at accurate temperatures to produce vapor. These heating materials in vapes are classified as either ceramic, stainless steel or quartz.

A few years back, learning how to vape weed involved being stationary because it requires a much larger desktop unit. Meanwhile, these days, countless great pocket-sized vapes and weed pens are circulating everywhere which are a mix of compact, on-the-go units to bulky, and desktop vape devices.

Conclusively, some of these vapes are all-in-one units. Finding the right one for you can be tricky. With literally hundreds of options to choose from, we list them to 10 to make it more manageable for you. Here are the top 10 dry herb vaporizers for 2020.

  1. Mighty

The Utillian 5 wax pen was the first one made by Utillian. With the company updating its product, the new Utilian 5 (V3) stands out for its powerful battery. The sleek design of this vape lets you carry it in your pocket. It comes in two colors with a matte finish, black and titanium color.

The Utillian 5(V3) comes with two interchangeable coil options, one is a Dual Twisted Kanthaln and the other is a Triple Titanium Coil. This lets the user enjoy the type of experience they want.

This version has an improved mouthpiece that lets you attach a bubbler to it. A 14 mm piece will fit perfectly into the mouthpiece slot. Also, the mouthpiece comes with a built-in splash guard and a loading tool.

  1. Pax 3

2 Pax 3 - dry herb vaporizers - 999999999

Pax, with its original version of having a quirky, glistening design, made it stand out and has been in the spotlight for a little while ago. The Pax 3 was made even better with its new matte color appearance and significant improvements to boot. There are smaller vaporizers available, but Pax has slammed it with its ideal size perfect for outdoor activities. Its size is probably the best thing about Pax 3. It weighs only 93 grams, which is surprisingly fantastic for all of the technology they pack into it.

Pax 3 has more battery life compared to Pax 1 and 2. They’ve improved its battery life wherein you can use it for around an hour or half before recharging. Charging Pax 3 is even cool with its innovative charging dock, which seems that many engineers went into it, resulting in this fantastic vaporizer. It has a large, 3500mAh battery that heats up faster in around 15-20 seconds. It also uses a direct-heat style, the lip sensing technology to get off when you’re using it, so it can heat the chamber, making it a fantastic kind. But through the app, users can do even more readjustments.

It has a Bluetooth feature compatible with dialing custom temperature settings. PAX Labs are accountable for carrying-off mobile dry herb vapes to the mainstream. The Pax 3 is their most progressive and adaptable Pax to date. It is a centralized and flossy all-inclusive device capable of vaporizing dry herbs and herbal extracts.

The device produces a corking flavor and has downhill features easy to use even for newbies. The vapor coming from the unit is unusually just. It features diverse modes for different styles of vapor: standard, boost, flavor, stealth, and efficiency. It has an all-stainless-steel vapor path and a half-pack additive practically for solo sessions with smaller dosages. It does run on a conduction oven, which delivers the patent flavors of a convection vaporizer.

  1. Arizer Solo 2

3 Arizer Solo

Arizer is a widely acclaimed brand, for they make stellar dry herb vaporizers that function satisfactorily for an affordable price.

The main reason the Solo 2 comes in third is because of its impressive battery life. When fully charged, it runs for almost three hours nonstop without needing a charge.

Not only is the battery life is outstanding, but the vapor quality is fantastic. It features a hybrid ceramic/stainless steel heating system that delivers delicious and thick vapor. The vapor itself stays cool due to the long glass air path. The Solo II lives up to its name and ideal for solo sessions with up to 0.2 grams of dry herb.

This vaporizer is a hybrid convection/conduction style vaporizer. In other words, it vaporizes dry herb with both direct heat (conduction vaping) and with the flow of superheated air (convection vaping).

This vape features precise temperature control.

  1. Firefly 2+

4 Firefly

When the original Firefly hit the market, it really made a noise. This upgraded Firefly model, you can now charge to 80% in 20 minutes, which lets you get up and running quickly. This may have a small battery, they’ve expanded the life span through tech innovations and you can also replace it on the go. It uses a 770 mAh battery, which takes about 45 minutes to charge fully.

One fully-charged battery should last anywhere from 25 to 50 draws, depending on the user’s duration. The Firefly 2 is sturdy, portable, and quite robust that works with both concentrated oils and dry herbs. This newer Firefly model has five preset temperature settings, each of which can be customized with the Firefly 2 smartphone application.

  1. DaVinci IQ

5 Davinci - 49939932

Davinci has been making vaporizers for over five years. This latest DaVinci model looks real, pocketable, and portable vaporizer. The Davinci I.Q. is diminutive that it only weighs around 145 grams compared to its mobile units competitors. However, the battery will only last about an hour of use. You don’t have to worry that much though because the batteries are replaceable.

DaVinci has already built a reputable name in the vaporizer market. And the I.Q. is a small and precise little dry herb vape that uses a fully ceramic zirconia air path. This latest DaVinci uses Smart Path Technology that automatically sets the best temperature for your convenience.

  1. Boundless CF

6 Boundless CF

Boundless has released a couple of cheap products that have taken the dry herb vaporizer world by storm. It has a relatively small size and features five different temperature settings. The battery is non-replaceable and will last you around 50 minutes of use. As for its design, it  is quite bulkier but features has an excellent OLED display.

The Boundless CFC is smaller and slender and can hold up to a half a gram of bud and has a durable plastic outer shell. However, it heats up quickly.

As for its quality, the Boundless CFC have the best vapor of any cheap vaporizer available right now. It also has the digital display and a fully ceramic heating chamber. The device charges via micro USB within an hour and a half and is suitable for up to 15 sessions.

  1. Arizer Argo

7 Arizer argo - herb vaporizer 4

The ArGo is short for Arizer Go and the first truly portable vaporizer. Although it’s small, Arizer hasn’t

made sure to give a strong build for this vape. This feels sturdy and doesn’t have the cheap plastic quality unlike other brands. The best part of the ArGo has to be the swappable batteries and even buy extras for reserves.

The Arizer ArGo also  uses hybrid convection/conduction heating. It also gives that superb flavor and high-quality vapor path. Its path mostly uses glass and ceramic materials which results in a smooth and flavorful vape session. The ArGo has precise temperature control and features loose airflow for impressive large clouds.

  1. XMAX Starry V3

8 Xmax Starry

The XMAX Starry is the cheapest vaporizer on this criterion but for it’s quality, it can give you that premium service. This one is an excellent little vaporizer perfect for beginners. It has a perfect size and weighs around 120 grams, which is at the smaller and lighter end of any portable vaporizers you find. You just have to be careful for the mouthpiece can get hot after prolonged use. It heats up pretty quickly in around 20-30 seconds.

The XMAX Starry offers a full spectrum of temperatures to pick from the OLED display. The batteries are also replaceable so that you can keep extras with you for longer excursions.

  1. Crafty+

9 Crafty plus 43

The Crafty+ is the Mighty’s handy little brother and on the first spot on the chain. It is cheaper and smaller than the Mighty. However, It doesn’t have a built-in display, which means you need to control the app’s temperature settings connected to your smartphone.

The Crafty+ does have a much-improved battery life that gives you almost 90 minutes of vaporizing off of a single charge only. Despite that, it has features pass-through charging so you can use it while it’s plugged in. The Crafty+ has built tough which means you don’t have to worry much about it rattling around.

  1. Healthy Rips Fury Edge

10 Healthy rips

Healthy Rips entered the vaping market a few years ago and they’ve released a real winner, the Fury Edge. The most notable part of the Healthy Rips Fury Edge is that it delivers convection in a small package.

Until this point, if you wanted a portable vaporizer that fits in your pocket, you were most likely using conduction. This is where the fury has a great advantage among the others for convection is generally more efficient and delivers better flavor. They’ve also packed a 2300 mAh battery into the Fury Edge. Finally, one of the main reasons why Fury Edge is nearing the top of our list is its price.

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