Top Silver Wall Art Ideas

There are no words to describe the glamour portrayed in sleek, stylish silver. If you are looking to add sophistication to your space, integrate this everlastingly metallic, eye-catching color. Give your home a contemporary outlook by implementing the use of silver-printed wall arts.

Bring a sense of uniqueness and liveliness into your home; do not hesitate to make your print the focal point. A piece that exquisite needs all the attention it can get. Explore a wide range of eye-catching silver wall arts, and take notes on our expertly detailed suggestions on the best use of silver printed wall arts.


There are two major options to consider when it comes to combining other colors with silver;

  • Create a monochromatic space: This bold style incorporates the use of similarly cool tones for a single-hued look.
  • Pairing silver with a contrasting shade: Go with a color that lightens your mood in conjunction with a calming contemporary print. Vibrant tones like pink, purple, and orange look excellent with silver accessories and wall art.


This style is quite simple and perfect in every way. White goes with any color and that’s including silver. Give your space a contemporary outlook by integrating white and silver-inspired prints. This color combination can blend into any style of decoration and aesthetics used. 


Your living room is perhaps the most visible space in most homes. This makes it the perfect area to explore and experiment with silver wall arts. Ensure your wall arts are hung somewhere it can be easily noticed; perhaps in a highly trafficked area.

Silver wall arts possess the ability to convert your space from bland, empty, and lifeless to contemporary and vibrant. To make this exquisite and eye-catching piece of art the point of focus, you should hang an oversized piece of silver artwork above your sofa.

Work with a print that portrays a reflective illusion, highlighting photorealistic details in the description of the crystals. Offset the feminine appearance with streamlined furniture and simple surrounding decoration. The combination of neutrals and metallic details will give you a balanced look.


For a striking contemporary look, go with a futuristic style print. Integrate a contemporary abstract decoration style that stands unique, almost alien. An unorthodox style of visualizing different moments in time will be perfect to elevate your living space. Cover your entire wall in a multi-panel piece of graphic art for an attractive look. Combine silver with greenish hues and taupe accessories. Add both dark and light shades for dramatic contrast. Ensure to keep a minimal mindset when decorating your space; this makes your wall art a point of focus.


Wall art to be hungover furniture should be somewhere between two-thirds and three-quarters of the furniture’s overall width. If your ultimate goal is to create a focal point, go with these dimensions; sixty-six inches multiplied by thirty-three inches. This is ideal for hanging an oversized art or creating a gallery wall.

If you intend to be dramatic, go with sixty-eight inches multiplied by forty-five inches. If your aim is to cover the entire wall above your couch, this is a perfect choice. It is a show of class with a mix of drama.


The shape of your wall arts is tantamount, you have to consider the best shapes and layouts for your space. The symmetrical double canvas is perfect for a contemporary outlook. Another option is the multi-panel print which can be ordered in a three, four, or five-piece layout.  If your aesthetic is fun and funky, go with our eclectic 7-panel hexagonal shape.

Color Combos for Silver Wall Art

You can create an entirely monochromatic space by combining different colours with Silver. It is highly recommended to pair silver with a contrasting shade. Pick a color that brings you joy. Afterall decorating a space is to soothe one’s soul.

Silver Living Room Decor

Silver wall art can take your living space from bland to glam. To capture the luxurious aesthetic, hang an oversized piece of silver artwork above your sofa to compliment your silver living room.

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