TradeDay Coupon Code

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What is TradeDay?

TradeDay is an innovative prop trading firm offering funding and resources for futures traders. Their model gives traders a unique chance to access capital to trade live markets, provided they pass their Evaluation challenge.

TradeDay provides:

  • Funding for successful traders
  • Educational tools like coaching and webinars
  • An easy-to-follow and rewarding profit-sharing model

Whether you’re new to futures trading or an experienced trader looking for new opportunities, TradeDay has a lot to offer. Their platform allows traders to engage in profitable trading through access to funding and guidance.

How Does TradeDay Work?

TradeDay operates as a prop trading firm for futures traders of all experience levels. For new traders, TradeDay provides educational resources to build up your skills. Seasoned traders can jump right into TradeDay’s Evaluation Challenge, a simulated trading environment where you need to:

  • Hit a profit target
  • Trade for at least ten days
  • Show consistent trading strategies

Three rules govern the challenge:

  • Day trading only
  • Only trade-approved products
  • Don’t exceed the max trailing drawdown limit

With TradeDay, you have two options to start trading. First, you can sign up for the 14-day free trial to get familiar with the platform using virtual money. This allows you to navigate the features, utilize educational resources, and practice trading strategies risk-free.

Once you’re ready, you can take the Evaluation Challenge. Complete it successfully, and TradeDay will fund your trading account with real money to get you started. They offer an attractive payout structure, allowing you to keep 90% of your profits after the first $10,000. Withdrawals are unrestricted, and higher balances mean bigger trades.

TradeDay makes trading accessible through an easy-to-use web platform and mobile app. You can trade stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more at your convenience. Their customer service team provides support if you have questions about using the platform or need trading guidance.

What Are The Available TradeDay Account Sizes?

When you sign up for TradeDay, you’ll have several account sizes to choose from to suit your individual trading needs. Unlike other platforms (TickTick Trader, Uprofit Trader, orFunded Trading Plus), TradeDay offers five account sizes ranging from $10,000 up to $250,000 in balance. The specific options are:

  • $10,000 for $99 per month
  • $25,000 for $125 per month
  • $50,000 for $165 per month
  • $100,000 for $275 per month
  • $150,000 for $350 per month
  • $250,000 for $750 per month

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TradeDay Contract Limits

At TradeDay, the number of contracts you can trade depends on two key things: your account balance and winnings. With a $10,000 account, you’re limited to 1 mini contract (or ten micro contracts). Scale up to $250,000; you’ll get access to 25 minis (or 50 micros).

The more you fund and trade in your account, the more contracts become available. Keep winning, and you’ll keep gaining access to bigger position sizes. Of course, bigger positions mean bigger risks, so carefully manage your money and risk.

  • $10,000 Account Balance: Trade up to 1 mini contract (or ten micro contracts)
  • $25,000 Account Balance: Trade up to 2 mini contracts (or 20 micro contracts)
  • $50,000 Account Balance: Trade up to 5 mini contracts (or 50 micro contracts)
  • $100,000 Account Balance: Trade up to 10 mini contracts (or 50 micro contracts)
  • $150,000 Account Balance: Trade up to 15 mini contracts (or 50 micro contracts)
  • $250,000 Account Balance: Trade up to 25 mini contracts (or 50 micro contracts)

TradeDay Overview

TradeDay has created a unique niche for itself in the prop trading industry. Its model, focused on a customized Evaluation process and accompanied by abundant resources for traders, is admirable. The company’s straightforward rules and an attractive profit-sharing model offer an appealing opportunity for traders at every stage.

Robust educational resources, professional-grade tools, and constant market analysis make TradeDay a comprehensive resource for trading enthusiasts. Our exclusive TradeDay coupon code ‘modestmoney’ provides a 20% discount, making an already budget-friendly platform even more appealing and maximizing your potential for profit.

TradeDay offers a trusted and gratifying space for those eager to start a trading career. Use this promo code to seize this special chance and advance your trading journey. And click here to sign up for TradeDay today.