TradingView vs MT4

In the competitive arena of trading platforms, the choice between TradingView and MT4 is a common dilemma for traders. This comparison aims to shed light on the benefits of both platforms. 

We will evaluate them based on various factors crucial for trading in today’s financial markets. Our goal is to provide traders with a clear understanding of which platform might best suit their specific trading needs and styles.

TradingView is Better for:

  • Ideal for traders who value a modern interface with social trading features.
  • Great for those who need versatile charting tools across various markets.
  • Perfect for traders seeking a community for sharing trading ideas and insights.
  • Best for users looking for advanced technical analysis with a wide range of indicators.

MT4 is Better for:

  • Suitable for forex traders needing a platform specialized in currency trading.
  • Excellent for users who prefer a platform with a focus on automated trading tools.
  • Ideal for traders who require a basic, time-tested platform with custom indicator options.
  • Great for those seeking a platform that supports numerous trading accounts efficiently.

Introducing the Platforms


TradingView is renowned for its modern and intuitive interface, offering a range of advanced charting tools and a vibrant community of traders. It caters to various markets, including forex, crypto, and stocks, making it a versatile platform for traders.

TradingView’s social trading features allow users to share and discuss trading ideas, providing valuable insights and a collaborative environment for traders. The platform also boasts a broad selection of technical indicators and chart types, suitable for both novice and professional traders.

Check out our detailed analysis of the platform in our full review of TradingView. 


MT4, or MetaTrader 4, is a well-established platform primarily focused on forex trading. It offers a range of automated trading tools, including the ability to use custom indicators and automated trading strategies.

MT4 is known for its efficient handling of multiple trading accounts and its basic but functional interface. While it may not have the modern features of TradingView, MT4 remains a solid choice for forex traders who need a reliable and straightforward platform.

TradingView MT4
Type of Service Modern trading with social features Specialized forex trading with automation
Best Use Diverse markets and community engagement Forex trading with custom automated tools
Customer Support Active community support and online resources Basic support with a focus on functionality
Current Promotion MORE INFO N/A
User Interface Modern and intuitive Basic and functional
ModestMoney Overall Rating 4.5/5 4.1/5

Factor 1: Charting and Technical Analysis Tools

TradingView offers a wide array of charting tools and technical indicators

  • MT4 provides custom indicator options but with more basic charting.
  • TradingView is preferred for its advanced and versatile charting capabilities.

TradingView excels in providing an extensive range of technical analysis tools, including numerous indicators and chart types.

Its platform is particularly beneficial for traders who rely on in-depth chart analysis across various time frames and markets. The intuitive interface and modern charting solutions make it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced traders seeking comprehensive analytical tools.

MT4, while offering the functionality to use custom indicators, tends to have more basic charting capabilities compared to TradingView. It’s a reliable platform for forex traders who require straightforward charting and technical analysis but may lack the breadth and modernity of TradingView’s charting tools.

For traders seeking a platform with a broad range of advanced charting options, TradingView offers a more suitable solution.

Factor 2: User Interface and Accessibility

TradingView boasts a modern, intuitive interface accessible to all trader levels

  • MT4 features a more traditional interface, preferred by some forex traders.
  • TradingView wins for its user-friendly and visually appealing platform.

TradingView’s platform stands out for its modern and intuitive design, making it highly accessible and easy to navigate for traders of all levels. The platform’s user-friendly nature allows traders to utilize its extensive range of tools and features without a steep learning curve. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for novice traders or those who value a clean, intuitive interface for their trading activities.

MT4, known for its traditional and functional interface, caters to traders accustomed to its layout and features, particularly within the forex trading community. While it may not offer the same level of modernity as TradingView, its interface is time-tested and efficient, especially for traders who prefer a no-frills, straightforward trading platform. 

However, for a more contemporary and user-friendly experience, TradingView provides a superior alternative.

Factor 3: Trading Community and Social Features

TradingView offers robust social trading features and a large community of traders

  • MT4 lacks a built-in social trading network.
  • TradingView is superior for its active trading community and collaborative features.

TradingView’s platform is not just a charting and analysis tool; it also serves as a vibrant social network for traders. The platform fosters a strong community where traders can share insights, discuss market trends, and collaborate on trading ideas. 

This social aspect of TradingView is invaluable, as it provides a platform for learning, sharing, and improving trading strategies through community engagement.

In contrast, MT4 does not have an integrated social trading network. While it offers robust automated trading tools and is popular among forex traders, the lack of a built-in community platform means traders miss out on the collaborative and interactive experiences that TradingView offers. For traders seeking a social trading experience and community interaction, TradingView is the clear choice.

Factor 4: Specialized Trading Tools and Automation

MT4 excels in offering specialized tools for forex trading and automated strategies

  • TradingView provides a broad range of tools but with less focus on automation.
  • MT4 is preferred for its specialized forex trading tools and robust automation capabilities.

MT4 has long been favored by forex traders for its specialized tools and automated trading capabilities. The platform allows traders to implement custom indicators and automated trading strategies, making it a powerful tool for those engaged in forex trading. 

MT4’s strength lies in its ability to support complex, automated strategies, which is crucial for traders who rely on algorithmic trading.

TradingView, while offering a versatile range of tools suitable for various markets, does not have the same level of specialized automation features as MT4. It is more focused on providing a broad spectrum of analysis tools and a social trading environment. 

For traders specifically looking for specialized forex trading tools and robust automation capabilities, MT4 offers a more tailored solution.

The Winner is…

In this head-to-head comparison between TradingView and MT4, each platform showcases its unique strengths catering to different aspects of trading. TradingView excels with its modern and intuitive interface, vibrant trading community, extensive market coverage, and versatile charting tools, making it an ideal choice for traders who value a comprehensive and community-driven platform.

MT4 remains a strong contender, particularly for forex traders who prioritize specialized automated trading tools and a platform with a proven track record in the forex market. However, for a more modern, user-friendly experience with broader market coverage, TradingView stands out as the better choice.

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