Triangular UFO on Moon has alien seekers claiming final proof

Alien seekers are hysterical with excitement after a massive triangular UFO was spotted hovering above the surface of the Moon. A significant number of people across the world ‘confirmed’ that this is the final proof we need that aliens really do exist, and that they are very close to Earth.

Before you pop the champagne or run to your underground bunker, bear in mind that UFO seekers and alien enthusiasts declare that we finally have compelling proof virtually every week – they strut and fret their hour upon the stage, and then are heard no more … that is, until the following week when a new sighting emerges.

Trianglular UFO on the MoonWhat do you think, a miles-long spacecraft, several crafts flying in V-formation, a satellite orbiting the Moon, or just a normal part of the lunar landscape? (Image: Secureteam10 YouTube)

Telescopic video from Texas

In the telescopic video footage of the Moon – taken by ‘Steve’ – you can see what appears to be a black, triangular shape hovering above the surface. Steve is a director who works at a major corporate jet fleet in Texas, USA, and has started his own research channel.

Steve then sent the footage to Secureteam10, an American YouTube channel that claims to check out all UFO sightings and alien encounters, filters out the hoaxes or other not compelling reports, and publishes just the interesting or convincing ones.

On the video, Steve wrote: “While video imaging the moon in this area I caught a craft flying above the moon surface.”

The YouTube narrator is called Tyler, who works for Secureteam10, I am not sure if the organization is just him – I have never seen any of their videos without Tyler giving the commentary.

Hard to spot anything weird without zooming in

If you watched this video without zooming in, you would not notice anything unusual. It is thanks to Tyler’s imaginative commentary and close ups that the whole thing becomes more entertaining.

Triangular UFO movedAs you can see from these two images, the object moved quite a distance in 25 frames. (Image: Secureteam10 YouTube)

Tyler starts off with a funny picture of an alien in his own distant planet, with a passenger airplane up in the sky – like the ones we have on Earth. He suggests that this is what a UFO sighting might look like on another planet – the UFO might be an airplane from Earth. “I thought this was hilarious and just wanted to show you guys,” he said.

The Moon-surface footage starts off looking like any image of the lunar surface captured from a distance. As Tyler zooms in, a dark triangle becomes evident.

According to Tyler, this video has evidence of:

“A massive, miles-large, triangular object moving very close to the Moon’s surface.”

Dark triangle seen moving

When zoomed in as much as possible, the triangle looks a bit like a moth perched on a wall. Just after minute 4 in the video you can see it flying a few miles just above the Moon’s surface.

You then get another close up, this time it looks like a black Concorde or some kind of triangular military aircraft commonly seen on Earth.

Tyler then says:

“Either it is a massive triangle or it is a formation of objects … creating a triangular-shaped formation, which is not uncommon with our own military jets here on Earth.”

“The gentleman who sent this to me is actually a director, working at a major corporate jet fleet – he holds a pilot’s FAA certification. Basically, he works in the aerospace industry every day.”

Triangular UFOs on moon are commonA person was taking pictures of the Moon on 31 July 2015 in West Covina, California. When he went to check his pics the next day, he noticed this triangular UFO in front of the Moon. It is hard to tell from the image whether the object was close to the Moon or Earth. (Image:

Perhaps Tyler should point out that being a pilot or working in the aerospace industry does not automatically mean that Steve’s stuff is 100% reliable.

According to Tyler, this is not the first time he has received images of a large, triangular UFO above the Moon’s surface like this one.

Lots of footage from the space shuttle, the Apollo missions and other spacecraft include massive triangular objects flying above the Earth’s surface, parked within craters on the Moon, and flying towards the dark side of the Moon, he claims.

Viewers’ comments

Viewers responded with several different types of comments, ranging from wild enthusiasm to humorous ridicule.

– Jay Lawton wrote: “How many times a day do you use the word ‘massive’?

Roger Bartle, who is clearly excited, wrote:

“What we are looking at is the shadow of the craft, the craft has to be much further to the left. You can tell it’s a shadow because it follows the terrain distorting as it passes over craters.”

“Shame we didn’t get the actual object, but for sure it is very close to the Moon. Nice video and well done to catch it.”

NASA triangular UFO picApparently, there are dozens of NASA pictures of dark, triangular UFOs. According to “The reports (of triangular UFOs) are simply too many and too clear. The sizes of these triangles have ranged from small to immense. Most of them are slow moving and low flying. The fact some of them fly so low, and so slowly, is a problem that demands an explanation.” (Image:

alxM3, who was clearly unconvinced, commented:

“Dude, those ‘objects’ were satellites. Lmao.” (Lmao = Laughing my ass off)

– Even UFO enthusiasts like Tripsadelica thought Tyler was grasping at straws:

“Or for heaven’s sake! I am a believer in the UFO phenomenon but this is a massive stretch of the bow. Any good astronomer will tell you that what you are seeing is just a shadow. Sorry…not ETs there.”

– The satellite explanation seems to be the most popular one. Jimbones155 wrote:

“Both Japan and China are orbiting the Moon at the present time. What you are seeing is probably a shadow casting from one of those orbiters. Obviously the distance and atmosphere would distort the object.”

– Was ysgwy joking when he made this comment?

“The black triangle is obviously a hang glider.”

As the Moon has no atmosphere, a hang glider would be pretty useless.

One viewer wondered about Tyler’s current mental state, and asked him whether he was high when he recorded this.

Video – Dark Triangular UFO filmed hovering above Moon’s surface

This video footage was filmed by Steve in Texas and sent to Secureteam10. The narrator, called Tyler, is convinced this is either a massive UFO or lots of smaller ones flying in formation.