Tricks to Tell If Your Betta Fish is Hungry

Betta fish can be picky eaters. Even the most avid betta fish enthusiasts have trouble getting their pets to eat food from time to time. That being said, there are some ways you can tell if your betta is not eating properly and needs a little help. If your betta fish is not swimming normally, hiding frequently, or has clear eyes, then he may be hungry. While bettas prefer live foods above all others, they will also accept frozen pellets as a secondary source of nutrition. Here are some tips on how to tell if your betta fish is hungry so that you can give them the right diet:

Watch Their Eating Habits

One of the easiest ways to tell if your betta isn’t eating is by what their eating habits look like. If your betta isn’t eating and has a full bowl of food in front of them, likely, they’re not hungry. Likewise, if your betta has finished a full bowl of food within minutes, then they’re probably very hungry and trying to tell you something. 

Another thing to look out for when examining your betta’s eating habits is how they’re eating. If your betta has trouble getting food into its mouth, then it may be hungry. If your betta has trouble getting food into its mouth because they’re eating too fast, then they have an entirely different problem.

Clear Eyes

One of the main signs that your betta is hungry is if its eyes are clear. When bettas are hungry, their eyes become clear and their stomachs begin to protrude outwards. If your betta is hungry and you can see its stomach, then they’re definitely in need of a meal. Another thing to look out for if you think your betta is hungry is if they are hiding more often than normal. Bettas who are hungry will often hide to avoid being fed because they know that they don’t have enough energy to fight back.

New Tank Syndrome

New tank syndrome is a problem that can occur when a new betta is introduced to an established tank of fish. If you’re introducing a new betta to an established tank and their eating habits are abnormal, then you may be experiencing new tank syndrome. New tank syndrome is characterized by the betta refusing to eat any food.

The best way to remedy new tank syndrome is by slowly introducing your betta to the tank over a few weeks. This will allow the fish to get used to their new environment without feeling overwhelmed. Once the betta is used to their new environment, then they should be more open to eating again.

Hiding and Constantly Shaking

If your betta is hiding more often than usual and they are constantly shaking at the surface of the water, then they are probably very hungry. Some bettas will shake at the surface of the water because they are stressed out, but those who are hiding and shaking are hungry. Hiding and shaking are both very clear signs that your betta is hungry. If you see these signs, then you should feed your betta with live or frozen foods as soon as possible.


Bettas are a beautiful and fun species of fish to keep, but they require special care and attention. If you want to keep a betta, be aware of the best food for them, how to keep them healthy, and what to do if they get sick so that your new friend lives a long and happy life.

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