Uber’s new ‘Arrive By’ feature for UberPOOL gives customers $2 off next trip if late

Uber is rolling out a new “Arrive By” feature for UberPOOL customers which guarantees them $2 off their next trip if the carpooling service arrives late to pick them up.

The feature will initially only be available in Los Angeles – it is expected to begin rolling out into other markets depending on how well the experiment works out.

UberPOOL matches customers with riders heading in the same direction – so they share the ride and split the cost.

The company said in a blog post announcing the experiment:

“Riders tell us they take uberPOOL because they want to save money and take some of the stress out of their daily journeys. So they’re happy to go a few minutes out of their way to share a ride with other passengers.

“But sometimes time is of the essence. When you’re rushing to make a flight or a job interview, you can’t afford to be late. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new uberPOOL feature that offers you peace of mind as you plan your journey. With the new “Arrive By” feature on uberPOOL, we guarantee you’ll arrive at your destination before the time quoted — or we’ll give you $2 off your next uberPOOL trip.”

Uber said: “Because the app shows you the absolute latest time you’ll reach your destination, you will often arrive well before the estimate shown. We are offering the “Arrive By” feature first in LA, and look forward to rolling it out in additional markets soon.”