UFO sightings rose dramatically worldwide in November and December

The number of UFO sightings rose dramatically during November and December 2015, which alien enthusiasts claim is further proof we are being visited, observed, experimented on, or invaded by intelligent beings from outer space, while others may put it down to a flood of sci-fi movies that came to our cinemas at the end of this year.

The Sunday Express, a British tabloid known for seeking out UFO stories, published an article about a YouTube video posted by Mister Enigma who claims the Russian Soyuz rocket was surrounded by unidentified flying objects as it docked with ISS this year.

The voiceover on the video UFOs All Over the Place – which begins with the same vessel that brought British astronaut Tim Peake to the International Space Station (ISS), the Russian Soyuz TMA-19M spacecraft – claims the footage provides the best evidence in years of super-advanced extraterrestrial life.

The voiceover says:

“This video, which was taken by the International Space Station on Tuesday is the best piece of UFO evidence in years.”

The speaker invites the viewer to ‘just sit back and watch’, assuring us that we’ll be able to see UFOs floating all over the place. A few flashes of light are visible, but they always are when there is a bright sun and lots of shining spaceship metal about, aren’t there?

The voiceover then expresses surprise that NASA overlooked this clear evidence of aliens and did not censure the footage.

Mr. Enigma Video – UFOs All Over the Place

Underground bases in Mars

Several photographs of underground bases, allegedly constructed by aliens, have been kept out of public view by NASA and other space agencies, said ‘researcher’ Marcelo Irazusta, who used Google Earth to explore the surface of the Red Planet – so really, he used Google Mars. (Yes, you can do that, and there is also Google Moon).

He posted videos and photographs of square- and rectangular-shaped entrances into what he believes are secret underground bases in Mars, as well as corners of buildings that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations had built.

According to Mr. Irazusta, NASA and other space agencies have done a poor job of attempting to airbrush out alien structures that we can all see. His YouTube video has UFO chasers and alien enthusiasts super excited about the ‘new discovery’.

Mars alien underground entranceAn alien bunker or a Google Earth algorithm phenomenon? (Image: ufosightingsdaily.com)

However, those familiar with Google Earth say these unusual formations are common all over Google Mars, Moon and Earth. The software’s algorithm lines up images on the globe – where they meet, these ‘bunker-type entrances’ are commonly seen. It is an algorithm thing, and not an alien phenomenon, they say.

White dot grew and exploded in Californian sky

A woman called Savannah told Inverse in November that she saw a UFO in Murrieta, a city in southwestern Riverside County, California. The way she described her experience was quite similar to Mister Enigma’s footage.

Savannah said:

“It was orange and yellow with a bright star-like shape. Then it slowly started to disappear and started to turn into a white dot that just kept getting bigger and had a long white tail on it – it looked like it exploded in the air and the whole sky illuminated into a huge white circle.”

Below is Savannah’s video which she posted on Twitter.

Air passenger’s selfie shows alien sitting behind her

Ten days ago, The Mirror wrote an incredible story about a female Russian airplane passenger who took a selfie, only to find afterwards that an alien was sitting three seats behind her. Olesya Podkorytov claims she never noticed the being, which looked like artists’ depictions of Area 51 aliens, until she uploaded the pic to social media.

Ms. Podkorytov said:

“I uploaded the picture on my social media page, and then all the questions and comments hit me. Only after that I realised there was a bizarre-looking image of a creature behind me.”

Alien behind selfie picA real alien or a clever bit of Photoshop rendering?

Ms. Podkorytov’s picture looks very convincing, has gone viral across various social media websites, and has conspiracy theorists and other convinced we are being either visited, studied, experimented on, or invaded.

NASA code-named UFO sighting ‘Santa Claus’

Dona Hare, who claims she used to have a senior position in NASA, i.e. she had extremely high clearance, told the Daily Mail that the US space agency had a codename for three UFO sightings – Santa Claus.

Ms. Hare said she saw several photos that were airbrushed over to remove UFOs, and that astronauts who came in contact with them were quarantined. But aren’t astronauts quarantined anyway?

Ms. Hare insists three flying saucers were observed on the Moon during NASA’s lunar landings. She says numerous sources (unnamed) told her about the three UFOs that landed not long after one of the Moon landings.

Ms. Hare said:

“I walked into a restricted area of the photo lab where they developed film from the moon and other satellite pictures,’ Hare recalls in the video. A gentleman pointed my attention to one area of this mosaic. I believe they were satellite pictures, but I’m not sure.”

Video – Donna Hare talks about NASA’s code name ‘Santa Claus’

UFO sightings and Pareidolia link

Ever since we started receiving images from NASA’s Mars rovers, cases of pareidolia have increased considerably.
Pareidolia is a phenomenon that makes people see or hear an image or sound of something or somebody that is not really there. Often, the person is convinced it is real.

We are all affected by pareidolia to a certain extent. When we look up at the sky and see cloud formations that remind of shapes, perhaps a bunny rabbit with big ears, or a parrot with a curved beak, for example.

In most cases these are just reminders of things and we know they are not real. Sometimes, however, they are perceived as the real thing, as sometimes occurs when somebody claims he or she saw the face of Jesus Christ on a piece of toast.

Psychologists believe most bizarre ‘sightings’ are due to pareidolia.

According to the Free Dictionary, pareidolia is:

“The perception of a recognizable image or meaningful pattern where none exists or is intended, as the perception of a face in the surface features of the moon.”

Video – Pareidolia: Why people keep seeing weird stuff on Mars