Ultra-fast UFO flying over Silicon Valley has viewers mystified

An ultra-fast UFO was filmed by a drone flying over Silicon Valley in California at unbelievable speed. The drone, a DJI Inspire 1, was just able to capture footage of the Unidentified Flying Object on its 4k video camera.

The footage, which only just managed to show a white blur whizzing above buildings and trees, has spread through the Internet (YouTube and Reddit) like wildfire.

Even when shown in slow motion, viewers could still miss the white streak if they are not vigilant enough.

A UFO over Silicon Valley

A white object whizzed across Silicon Valley in seconds. So far, nobody can explain what it was.

Commenting on a forum set up by the maker of the camera drone, 1Darmino, who first placed the video online, said:

“I have no idea what this is, maybe a bug, hummingbird, reflection or alien space craft! The only thing I know for sure is that I did nothing that would cause this. You can analyze it better if you download the video in 4K and go frame by frame. Any other ideas of what it might be?”


A reflection, bug, supersonic bird, fake, among suggestions

One forum member suggested, given the angle of the Sun, that it was a reflection being cast on the mountainside. But another said it couldn’t be, because it increased in size as it got closer, like an object would.

Some wondered whether it could be a bug, but the idea was discarded because the object was too large and fast.

A forum member wrote:

“Seems to gain altitude slightly and the path is not perfectly straight either. It also goes behind trees in the very beginning of the clip. Lock your doors, sir! If you captured something you shouldn’t have on film, I fear for bird and your computer! Cool shot!”

Comments by those who have seen the video range from it being a fake set up by the drone or camera manufacturer to gain publicity, a hitherto unknown type of supersonic bird, to an alien craft that was trying to avoid detection.

Video – Super-fast object flying over Silicon Valley

Given that this video is in slow motion (half speed), the object flew across the valley at amazing speed.