Understanding the Different Types of Logos for Melbourne Businesses

A logo is an essential part of a business’s branding. This visual representation first comes in contact with the customers and helps with a positive professional experience, which further helps elevate the lead conversion rates of the brands. 

Melbourne – home to startup sectors from life sciences and biotech industries, fintech industries, blockchains and advanced manufacturing industries, Saas industries and other sectors, has a combined startup ecosystem worth A$34.5 billion, according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2021. These numbers indicate the increasing business competition in Australia’s Garden City. To develop a strong and unique presentation in this competitive landscape, Melbourne businesses need a different yet catchy visual identity that helps reflect their brand message, professionalism and authenticity to the target audience. 

Importance of Logo Designing in Melbourne 

Since the logo comes first with the target audience, refining the logo design process remains a priority for all Melbourne-based businesses that aim to stand out! 

However, logo designing is not an easy task, and to develop a strong and memorable logo, businesses need to have details about the logotype that fits well to their industry type and can establish a better connection with the target audience. 

Wondering what these logotypes are? As a business owner, you need not know much about the logotypes, as professional logo designers in Melbourne will manage the hassle! However, you need to get the assistance of the best logo designers in Melbourne to ensure the best visual outcome for your dream company’s presence.

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Furthermore, if you’re looking for the details of types of logos in Melbourne, the section below has got you covered! Scroll down to find out the best logo type for your business! 

Different Types of Logos for Businesses in Melbourne 

  • Wordmark Logos – 

Wordmark logos are simply the business’s name in a unique and distinctive font. Some examples of well-known wordmark logos include Nike’s “swoosh” and Coca-Cola’s classic script font. Wordmark logos are often simple and easy to remember, but they can be difficult to distinguish from other businesses with similar names. 

For example, many businesses have the name “Apple,” so it’s important for Apple to use a distinctive font and colour scheme to make their logo stand out.

  • Pictorial Logos – 

Pictorial logos are images or symbols that represent the business. Examples include McDonald’s golden arches and Target’s red bullseye. Pictorial logos can be more memorable and eye-catching than wordmark logos, but they can be more difficult to design and create. It’s important for pictorial logos to be recognisable and accurately represent the business.

For example, McDonald’s golden arches are instantly recognisable and represent the company’s commitment to quality and service.

  • Combination Logos – 

Combination logos combine a wordmark with a pictorial logo. Some examples of well-known combination logos include Nike’s “swoosh” with the word “Nike” and the Apple logo with the word “Apple.” Combination logos can be the most effective type of logo, as they offer the best of both worlds: the memorability of a pictorial logo and the clarity of a wordmark logo. 

It’s essential for combination logos to be balanced and to work well together. For example, Nike’s “swoosh” is a simple and iconic image that complements the word “Nike” perfectly.

  • Emblem Logos – 

Emblem logos combine a wordmark and a pictorial logo, surrounded by a border or frame. Examples of well-known emblem logos include the Harley-Davidson and NFL logos. Emblem logos can be very traditional and elegant, but they can also be challenging to use in some applications, such as on websites or in small print. 

Emblem logos must be simple and easy to read, even when small. For example, the Harley-Davidson logo is simple and easy to read, even when it is small on a motorcycle jacket.

  • Abstract Logos – 

Abstract logos are non-representational images designed to evoke a feeling or emotion. Examples of well-known abstract logos include the FedEx and Starbucks logos. Abstract logos can be very creative and eye-catching but challenging to understand. Abstract logos must be memorable and convey the right message about the business. 

For example, the FedEx logo is abstract but instantly recognisable, conveying the company’s commitment to speed and efficiency.


After analysing the details for all the logotypes, it is clear that every business demands a different logotype, which helps reflect its brand values, message and overall essence. Moreover, the selection of logos also allows the brand to create location authenticity, which helps with better and refined targeting. 

If your business is also in the initial phase, or if you’re considering rebranding, designing a logo remains an intellectual task that can define the overall purpose of your business to the target audience. 

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