Understanding the Types and Applications of Drilling Machines

Industries have been using drilling machines and other hardware for as long as they were invented. These machines make the process of cutting and drilling holes in metals or any other type of material for that fact with great precision and speed. 

If humans were to take the job of drilling machines nowadays, many industries would stop being efficient and won’t work how they are supposed to. If you are looking for some information on drilling machines, then you are at the right place. 

Here is everything you need to know about the types and applications of drilling machines.

Types and applications of drilling machines 

Drilling machines are very versatile and come in different shapes and sizes. There are drills that can be used in households or backyard workshops and some heavy drilling machines are used in industrial factories. These heavy and expensive industrial machines are sold by very few manufacturers like Cuttingtools Ceratizit. 

So, without further ado, here are different types of drilling machines.

  • Portable drilling machines

As the name might suggest, portable drilling machines are small drills that can be used by hands. They are shaped like a gun with a drill pointing out. Portable drilling machines are used to drill small holes and do minimal housework. 

Since they are very easy to use and require little to no knowledge, they are a great tool for a house workshop. You just need to place the workpiece where you want to drill the hole and push the drill towards the wall. Most people even advise you to keep one at your house in case any minimal drilling is needed at your home. 

  • Industrial drilling machines

Industrial drilling machines are not a type of drilling machines, but the different types that we are going to mention in this section are of no use for average consumers and are mostly used by industrial factories or in professional workshops.

  • Sensitive drilling machine

Sensitive drilling machines are on the lighter side of the rest of the categories in this section. They are used to drill small holes at very high speeds. The table, spindle speed, and the feed mechanism can be adjusted on the vertical column so that it can work on both small and medium-sized pieces.

  • Upright drilling machines

They are used for drilling relatively larger holes than sensitive drilling machines. Upright drilling machines come in 2 different types based on the type of columns used.

  • Radial drilling machines  

This type of machine is widely used in manufacturing machines. The radial arm, which can be rotated or lifted, is perfect for working with fixed workpieces. The spindle speed and feed mechanism of the machine can also be adjusted on the radial arm for more flexibility.

  • Gang drilling machine

This type of machine has different sizes of drill heads placed on it. Due to this, a gang drilling machine is able to drill holes of different sizes at the same time.

  • Multiple spindle machine

This type of machine is used when you need to do the same work in different workpieces. It takes many of its characteristics from gang drilling machines.

This covers the different types and applications of drilling machines. If you are looking for machining solutions for your industrial needs, then make sure to take the help of Ceratizit. With a decade of experience and reputation in the cutting tools industry, they will be able to help you out with anything.

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