Unveiling the World of Recycler Dab Rigs: Functionality and Benefits

In recent times, the popularity of dab rigs has increased by leaps and bounds. It is a novel method of enjoying oils and cannabis and has gained massive traction as it retains as much flavor as possible. If you are unaware or new to the phenomenon, dabbing is the process of taking in cannabis oil or concentrates wherein you pour a small amount of oil on a hot and sizzling surface and allow it to vaporize.

To facilitate this dabbing method, we have glass dab rigs that are specially meant for smoking oils, concentrates and waxes. You cannot use a dab rig to smoke dry herbs without any special equipment. To the untrained eye, dabbing and using dab rigs might seem very technical but the effects enjoyed are worth all the effort. Join us, as we explore the A to Z of recycler dab rigs, including their functionality and benefits. 

Understanding Recycler Dab Rigs

A recycler dab rig is one of the various types of dab rigs. It is renowned for being the most effective as it enables you to enjoy a complete smoking experience. The recycler dab ring comes with two compartments. Firstly, the rig transfers vapor from the first compartment to the second, all the while passing through cool water. The result is that you get the smoothest hit from the dab rig. And of course, the cyclical movement of the smoke in the transparent rig is an absolute sight to behold. 

Functionality and Filtration

In simple words, we can define a recycler dab rig as a multi-chambered percolator. If you are acquainted with usual dab rigs, you would know that they come with nails, carb caps, a water chamber, a stem, a mouthpiece, a dabber or tool and a torch. And, as it is obvious, a typical dab rig does not have a percolator.

A percolator produces a bubbling effect in the water chamber of a bong, wherein additional filtration occurs. For a recycler dab rig, this additional filtration takes place in another compartment, which is essentially a loop within the apparatus. In typical dab rigs, the water vapor is passed from the nail to the water chamber. Thereafter, the smoke is further filtered by the water and fills up the stem. However, the entire process takes another step between the mouthpiece and the waterpiece. 

The look-like structure above the water chamber of a recycler dab rig filters the smoke further. So, you heat the nail and place the oil, wax, or concentrate. The smoke then passes down to the water chamber and the smoke-filled water moves to the loop inside the recycle dab rig. At this stage, the smoke is experiencing an additional stage of filtration – a feature that makes recycler glass dab rigs stand out from the crowd. 

The result is that when the smoke and water separate, the apparatus has filtered out the most exquisitely flavored extract more than once in two chambers. Thus, you can enjoy an incredibly amazing smoking experience. 

Benefits and Advantages

A recycler dab rig has many benefits, these include –

  1. These dab rigs come in an appealing transparent glass with a splash guard to prevent spaces. Thus, you get fashion and function.
  2. The second chamber of the recycler dab rig functions as a splash guard, thereby preventing splashback from the water and helping you hit your rig as hard as you want.
  3. Enjoy a smoother hit due to continual smoke and water filtration from reservoir to second chamber with the loop.
  4. The smoke in a recycler dab rig constantly travels with water, so the hits are cooled down which enables you to enjoy larger amounts of concentrates.
  5. A recycler dab rig is quite budget-friendly, considering that you get such a phenomenal experience. 

Types and Variations

There are various types of recycler dab rigs, these include –

  1. The Standard Recycle – It has a drain tube that links the top and the bottom of the rig’s can. Its tube is located outside, forming a loop.
  2. Internal Recycler or the Incycler – It has an external tube and small holes at the drain funnel.
  3. Klein Recycler – It is a variant of the recycler dab rig that merges the features of both the internal and external recycler. They are designed like the incycler but contrary to the standard version, Klein recyclers do not go down to the can’s instead. Instead, they come outside the can and then circle back a look. In this way, the drain does not interfere with the percolator. 

Maintenance and Care Tips

The maintenance of a recycler dab rig does not require a lot of experience. Its cleaning and upkeep methods are similar to traditional dab rigs. But, quite understandably, you should be more careful while handling a recycler dab rig while cleaning. Moreover, when you are preparing the rig for cleaning, remember that some foul smell is bound to emanate.

You can opt for a resin cleanser, gentle brushes, soft towels and res caps for a thorough and intensive cleaning of your precious recycler dab rig. Moreover, remember to separate the rig to clean tiny and individual parts and always use warm water while doing so. 

Recycler Rigs: Artistry and Customization

In recent times, we can observe the rise of artistry and customization in typical and recycler dab rigs. These are artful pieces of equipment that serve as a great way to smoke up concentrates and oil while being picturesque and pleasant to look at. You can customize your dab rings with calligraphy and engravings. 

User Experience and Preference

Last but not least, people thoroughly enjoy the flavor punch that comes with a recycler dab rig. Besides, there are an array of options available in the market and you can choose one that fits your needs.


So, there we have it, a crisp overview of the functionality and benefits of the recycler dab rigs. These novel smoking equipment provide a smoother hit and enhanced filtration so that you can indulge in a more enjoyable experience.

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