Uprofit Review

UProfit Trader is an online prop trading firm based in Texas that provides funding and support for aspiring traders looking to take their skills to the next level. UProfit gives traders an opportunity to access capital, scale up their skills, and take their trading to new heights. 

If you’ve been searching for a way to advance your trading journey and gain financial freedom, UProfit could be the ideal solution. Their simple funding model and dedicated support team allow traders of nearly any skill level to achieve their dreams of trading for a living.

UProfit seems like a promising platform for aspiring prop traders seeking greater funding and taking their skills to the next level. With low fees, high funding amounts, and a helpful support team, UProfit gives traders the resources they need to find success. If you think you have what it takes, UProfit could be your ticket to trading stardom. Why not give it a shot? Here is a detailed UProfit review.

Features of UProfit

As a forex trading prop firm, UProfit offers some attractive benefits for traders looking to minimize fees and maximize profits.

  • Free Data Feed: Compatible with platforms supporting Rithmic Data, you’re not locked into any particular software.
  • No Monthly Fees: Once funded, trade without worrying about ongoing costs. Only a small one-time setup fee to get started, saving you a bundle versus other brokers.
  • Fast Withdrawals: Withdrawals are processed within one business day, with no special requirements or hoops to jump through. Get your money quickly when you want it.
  • 100% Profit Share: Keep 100% of your first $8,000 in profits. A nice incentive to get you earning quickly! After that, an 85/15 split still puts the majority in your pocket.
  • Multi-Account Access: Manage up to 3 accounts under one login, with a total funding cap of $600,000. Convenient if you trade for friends or family in addition to yourself.
  • Micro Contracts: For small accounts or those still learning, micro contracts represent 1/10 the size of standard e-mini contracts. An easy way to start small and scale up as your skills and balance grow.
  • News Freedom: Trade news events without restrictions or special rules. An open platform for you to apply your trading style.

UProfit aims to give traders an affordable, accessible way to realize their potential in today’s markets. If maximizing your profits while minimizing fees sounds good, UProfit could be worth a look.

UProfit Pricing and Plans

UProfit some of the best-funded forex trading accounts plans to suit traders at any level. The fees are affordable, especially considering you’re gaining access to a funded trading account.

Basic Plan

  • $9k account
  • $89 monthly fee (until funded)
  • Perfect for newcomers getting their feet wet
  • Aim for $900 profit
  • Trade up to 5 contracts (50 micros max)
  • Daily loss limit of $350
  • Max Drawdown $800

The Basic Plan is ideal if you’re starting. You’ll get a fully funded account to practice your skills while keeping risks low. The profit target and contract limits ensure you learn the ropes before moving to more advanced strategies.

Advanced Plan

  • $50k account
  • $160 monthly fee (until funded)
  • For traders seeking bigger profits
  • Target $2,500 profit
  • Trade up to 6 contracts (60 micros)
  • Daily loss limit of $1,100
  • Max Drawdown $2,000

Elite Plan

  • Account $100k 
  • Monthly Fee: $315 (until funded) 
  • For Traders gunning for solid income 
  • Profit Target: $6000 
  • Contracts: Max 12 (120 micros) 
  • Daily Loss Limit: $2200 
  • Pro Drawdown: $3,000

Premium Plan

  • Account $200k 
  • Monthly Fee: $580 (until funded) 
  • For go-getters ready to cash in big 
  • Profit Target: $10,000 
  • Contracts: Max 20 (200 micros) 
  • Daily Loss Limit: $4,000 
  • Pro Drawdown: $5,000

Who is The Right UProfit Consumer?

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the trading world, UProfit’s Basic plan is a great place to start. This entry-level option is ideal for newcomers who want to learn the ropes without too much risk. You’ll have access to essential tools and resources to build up your skills and a dedicated account manager to guide you through your first trades.


If you’re stepping into the trading world, UProfit’s a spot for you. Their Basic plan is like a comfy entry point, perfect for those still learning the ropes.

Profit Hunters

If boosting your earnings is your goal, UProfit’s Advanced plan could be ideal. It’s geared toward those looking to gain serious profits. Traders can take advantage of tools to help maximize gains, all while keeping costs low.

Income Seekers

Considering trading as an income source? The Elite plan may be calling your name. It’s designed for those who want to generate real money from their trading skills. With higher limits and more advanced features, traders have the potential to earn a tidy income each month.

Maximizers of Everything

Are you all about pushing the envelope? The Premium plan is for go-getters who want to maximize their earnings quickly. With the highest limits, robust features, and best rates, traders can propel their profits into overdrive. Premium is ideal for seasoned traders ready to take their game to the next level.

Uprofit Pros and Cons

The popular stock analysis software Uprofit has some notable pros and cons to consider before signing up.


  • Excellent standing in the industry
  • Rules that are straightforward and comprehensible
  • Access to funding of up to $200,000
  • Minimal fee structure


  • Exclusive focus on futures trading
  • Restriction on maintaining more than two accounts

UProfit Review Overview

UProfit offers some attractive programs for traders of all experience levels. Whether you’re just starting or ready to take your trading to the next level, UProfit has flexible options to meet your needs.

With UProfit, you can open multiple accounts to keep your trading strategies separate. Have one account for short-term day trading, another for long-term investing, and a third for testing new strategies. UProfit makes it easy to fund, manage, and switch between accounts.

UProfit provides advanced risk management tools to help you minimize losses. Set stop loss, take profit orders, use negative balance protection, and enable two-factor authentication for account security. UProfit’s risk management tools give you more control and confidence in trading.

UProfit offers an all-in-one solution for traders looking to step up their game. Flexible account options, sophisticated risk management tools, and the ability to trade during news events make UProfit a compelling choice. If you’re ready to unlock your potential as a trader, UProfit is a great place to start. Click here to open an account and begin your trading journey today.